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Jewellery and women is an age-old combination. However, there is a certain trend that might be a new addition to this combination. Confused? Well, we are talking about jewellery and kids here.
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14 November 2016 5:18 PM
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Jewellery and women is an age-old combination. However, there is a certain trend that might be a new addition to this combination. Confused? Well, we are talking about jewellery and kids here. Though old, this combination is finding its new meaning today. How? Read on in this special feature by Kavita Parab.

During my growing up years, I would always try to emulate my mother’s dressing style. There were occasions when my mother would adorn herself with her precious jewels and I would be in total awe! Secretly, I always wanted to wear them but my mother wouldn’t allow me to touch them as they were not for kids.

Earlier, there were not many options available in children’s jewellery. However, times are changing and kids’ jewellery is a latest craze among the young urban parents. Earlier there were only few occasions like naming ceremony, anna prashan/ Ushtaval (marks an infant’s first intake of food other than milk) and first birthday when parents and grandparents would buy jewellery for their little ones. All the jewellery would be bought from the family goldsmiths who will have not many options in design. Traditionally, Kids’ Jewellery chain, rings, bracelets made of gold as well as silver were bought for just born babies or as a naming ceremony gifts while for the anna prashan, parents would buy silver/gold thali, bowl, tumbler, spoon, paladai/gokarn. Apart from these occasions, parents would generally avoid buying jewellery especially for kids.

However, the scenario is changing for good. Smart and suave, urban parents want everything stylised and customised for their kids. Even today’s kids, especially in the age group of 5-12 are more decisive and quite style conscious. Angry birds, Chota Bheem, Mickey Mouse mean world to them and they want them everywhere - be it their clothes or their accessories. "There is scope for kids’ jewellery market to grow further. Today’s parents not only adore their kids but want to give everything possible. Now-a-days, naming ceremony and birth day are not the only occasions to buy gold for children. Earlier, they wouldn’t invest much in their kids’ jewellery but now the picture is cert ainly changing,” said Fatehchand Ranka, Director, Ranka Jewellers.

Surprisingly, the jewellers and designers are coming up with not only funky designs but also there are stand-alone-boutiques like Little Nathella, which is India’s first jewellery boutique for kids between 0 - 12 year old kids’; Tanyas Jewelry – one of its kind online sterling silver jewellery store in India, which offers unique packaging (matching boxes) for all the pendants. Even there are other jewellery houses like VBJ, GRT Jewellers, Popley & Sons who have jewellery in shapes of animals, cartoon characters, fruits, flowers, baseball, etc.

We Indians love gold so even kids’ jewellery is mainly in gold as it is old tradition and good investment. Generally, thali, spoons, etc. are bought in silver though. “In olden days, there was less jewel investment on kids. But now-adays, parents are investing the money in kids’ fashion jewellery in gold as well,” said Prapanna Kumar, Director, Nathella Jewellery.

However, gold and silver as well as diamonds are in demand as each has its own charm. As far as prices are concerned, it all depends on buyer’s buying capacity. The range starts from Rs. 1000 and goes upto lakhs. Gold trinkets start from Rs. 3000 onward, silver jewellery Rs. 2000 onward while diamonds jewellery is available Rs. 5000 upward.

These days more and more jewellers are stocking up innovative and playful designs as kids are becoming choosy. From animal-inspired designs to stylish small necklaces, fun rings, they have it all. After all, even kids need to make a fashion statement.

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