Baselworld 2017 – A Cornucopia of Colours

Baselworld 2017 witnessed plenty of gold and an outburst of colourful gemstones apart from the usual fare of diamonds. As usual, designs exhibited a sense of eccentricity, breaking free from the realm of tradition, though most of them were practical in terms of form and wearability. Here is a roundup of jewellery that really caught our attention this year. By Vijetha Rangabashyam.

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23 May 2017 1:02 PM
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Jewellery shares a profound relationship with Nature. From wild flowers to birds and Universe, designers have always been entrenched with the inspiration Nature throws at them. This year, at Baselworld, the collections displayed by various brands were aligned with nature too. The industry embraced Panatone’s colour of the year, the very verdurous green, in the form of emeralds, jades, peridots, chrysoprases and malachites. But there was a smattering of other colours too; a bold use of vibrant colours in the form fancy colour diamonds and other gem stones were seen in abundance. At the outset, diamonds were certainly ubiquitous, but going by the display of collections by brands, gold is certainly making an unflinching comeback, especially in Europe. Broad bangles and bracelets were seen i plenty and the basic ear stud was reinvented by many a brand. Baselworld has always been a cornucopia of jewellery designs that stand the test of time, where creative expression that hardly conforms to the rulebook of design is the norm.

Elementos Necklace by Liliana Guerreiro

Portuguese designer Liliana Guerriro is known for her filigree work, in the most pure and minimal form, preserving the authenticity of the art. The designer works closely with two master artisans from one of the most antique workshops in Portugal. Her jewellery pieces are a blend of tradition and contemporary, as is seen in this exquisite necklace from the Elementos collection. At the heart of the collection is a very delicate and fine thread, which is rolled with skill and technique in order to obtain a consistent texture, creating an organic shape. This masterpiece necklace is available in both gold and diamonds and just pure gold.

BOHÈME Diamond Necklace by Gellner

The BOHÈME diamond necklace from GELLNER embodies everything that today’s confident woman represents. With attention to detail and casual elegance, this unconventional loop chain in 750 rose gold has an impressive appeal. The detailed decoration with numerous, delicate diamond roses and finely-faceted diamond briolettes lends an air of colorful playfulness to the voluminous necklace.

Mini Sweety by Bigli
Belgian designers Laurence Aerens and Thierry Spitaels, partners in life and in business have managed to garner women patrons, who appreciate Bigli’s jewellery for its uniqueness. Bigli’s flagship collection Mini Sweety offers delightful cabochon cuts in over 40 colours thanks to a very ancient Italian layering technique in which fine layers of precious stone are skillfully superimposed, creating shades with a rare subtlety that is bright, velvety, pearly or milky. This edgy collection is reinvented each time in fantastic way, in that it is truly original. The collection entails of transformable pieces, with just changing one element, the jewellery can be worn either as a ring, an earring or a pendant.

Liz by Nana Fink
An ode to the elegance and mystique of Elizabeth Taylor, Nana Fink worked with the best stone cutting company to produce this prasiolite and champagne diamonds ring set in white gold. Many of Nana Fink’s pieces are inspired by the design ethos of the Art Déco and Bauhaus époques and this ring is no different. The green in this prasiolite is believed to bring in balance and harmony, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

Dancing in the Rain by Nanis
Seeking inspiration from the art nouveau era, the Dancing in the Rain creation is a clear winner, with its matt shades, delicate texture, powder blue aquamarines and gold pearls, all perfectly muddled together in the soft sunny glow of yellow gold. The yellow gold beads in this necklace remind us of designing techniques embraced in the olden days.

Topkapi by Lydia Courtelle
Lydia Courteille has drawn inspiration from the beautiful Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. From the great love story of Roxelana and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent of the vast and powerful Ottoman Empire, to the famous Iznik ceramics decorated with black Halfeti roses and brilliant red tulips, symbol of Turkey, the jewellery embraces the rich heritage of Turkey quite so beautifully. All the jewellery from thi collection comprise of sapphires, rubies, spinels and tsavorite garnets mimicking the faience tiles of Iznik that cover the Topkapi walls and those of the Harem.

Happy Hearts by Chopard

Adapted from the Happy Diamonds collection, the Happy Hearts collection is both bold and playful, combining signature styles of Chopard, moving diamonds and hearts. With vibrant colours and hearts at the centre of its design, the collection seeks to appeal to the younger side of women. The jewellery pieces bear diamonds in all sizes with a dash of colours in the form of lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, turquoise and the like. The collection entails of the beautiful Sautoir Necklace, earrings and cocktail rings.

Emotion by Fabergé
In the signature Fabergé style, the Emotion collection dabbles with intense colours and explores the intellectual and artistic heritage of the brand. This collection that entails of bold cocktail rings and pendants, utilizes precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, purple sapphires tsavorites, emeralds and more. The collection adopts the Fauvist view of colour as an emotional force and an expression of feeling. They comprise painterly abstract compositions of random pavé work in blocks of colour-rich precious and fine gemstones.

Bonjour Senorita by Tous
Picture jewellery right out of the streets of Havana with a dash of Parisian chic, you have Spanish-based jewellery brand Tous’ most recent spring summer collection Bonjour Senorita. The collection focuses on wearable, sleek pieces of jewellery that are full of life and colour with a garnish of tropical fruits, animal motifs and what not! The Camille bear, that is exclusive to most jewellery pieces of Tous, features in this collection as well, with a little bit of a twist of course.


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