‘MiRA’ by Radhika Jain launches destination wedding jewellery

This collection is inspired by need of the hour keeping in mind people who want to wear elegant, sophisticated and royal looking jewellery without any tension. 

: IJ News Service
09 June 2017 11:21 AM
Reference: 10936

After the marriage venue, jewellery is easily one of the biggest expenses at wedding. With gold and diamond prices being so much higher than they were during our parents’ time, sometimes buying that dreamy diamond set means ‘let’s forego that international honeymoon.’

BUMMER! But hey! Who says you HAVE to spend lakhs on jewellery you’ll rarely ever end up wearing? MiRA by Radhika Jain’s magnificent ‘Destination Wedding’ jewellery often looks similar to the real thing and is one of the best options for brides who’d rather invest in other things like a better wedding film or more awesome food options for the guest.

The designs are simple, classical yet very stylish which can be worn by women of any age group. This collection includes green and red semiprecious stones which look same like rubies and emeralds. Use of the fresh water pearl along with American diamonds gives royal touch to each piece.

Radhika’s designs specialize in creating handcrafted Fashion Accessories and Silver Artifacts. Her design brief is elegance and luxury. Radhika Jain comments “Even if the bride and the groom side are sound enough to afford expensive jewellery then also they go for Destination jewellery because nowadays people love to have their wedding at exotic destination which is far from home and usually abroad. In this case carrying real jewellery is a big hassle security wise and it also involves lot of paper work.”

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