Savio Jewellery's three generations at the President house

The company has created a history by achieving Guinness world record for their Peacock ring.

: IJ News Service
03 July 2017 1:21 PM
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(l to r) Ashish Sand, Rashmi Sand, Smita Sand, Abhishek Sand, Narendra Kumar Sand, Saroj Sand, Rajendra Kumar Sand, Renu Sand

Savio Jewellery headed by Narendra Kumar Sand ,Rajendra Kumar Sand ,Ashish Sand And Abhishek Sand was invited with their respective wife to be an esteemed guest with acknowledgement by President for achieving and bringing the first ever Guinness world record in diamond jewellery segment to our proud nation India.

Marking centric magnitude to feel the responsibility and delight to represent our nation on world level is an outstanding achievement to share with our intellectual president.

On this journey of creating peacock ring achieving Guinness world record and receiving honour with royal acknowledgement by President of our country is unmatchable. Visiting the President 's house was a wonderful experience in itself.

Crossing great levels of security as respectful guests and dignified to be seated in guests lounge with royal services of drinks, snacks and desserts in national emblematic crockery and cutlery. The allure of grandeur of President was flying in air. On arrival into his room, with good zeal, President was keen to know about the remarkable achievement of Savio jewellery. The process of creating the most cut diamonds that are set into one ring is 3827 in the "Peacock Ring" was explained to him. He also appreciated on selecting the ring design as national bird-“peacock”. This officially amazing achievement for India kept him amazed. And with celebrating notes he gave an appraisal to Savio company to make India proud and famous in the world.

Congratulated with high spirits and beautiful compliments, Savio jewellery showed the details and certificate of the ring with esteemed pleasure to share with a dignified personality like him. Also, presented him a painting of President’s house by a renowned artist Surbhi Sand Surana, as a token of memorable meeting with young achievers of the country. Then, Savio family of 15 members was escorted with officers and intellectual guide for a tour of the massive historical architectural President 's house . The house spread out in 320 acres of area, has the extravagant meeting rooms, library with 30,000 rarest books, royal darbars, ball rooms, Padam Shree oath hall, sculptures and portrait of all presidents of India ,museums, antiquities, scientific innovation researched centres, grand drawing rooms, Mughal garden and significant views of India gate mesmerised each one of us .

The company has been invited worldwide to show case the peacock ring in special segmented areas. National bird of India was the inspiration to make a unique Peacock ring, it went through the process of making in 3 years with meticulous manufacturing and fulfilling 27 levels of forms given by Guinness legal certifications in duration of one year.

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