Dia Mirza endorses Mangalsutra collection by Shringar-House of Mangalsutra

Over 50 year old brand is known for innovative designs and workmanship for Mangalsutras.

: IJ News Service
06 July 2017 6:00 PM
Reference: 10981
Dia Mirza wearing a Mangalsutra by Shringar - House of Mangalsutra

Shringar-House of Mangalsutra, over 50 year old brand, has roped in ethereal beauty Dia Mirza, to endorse their latest collection of Mangalsutras.

Actress Dia Mirza appears in the campaign wearing various ensembles from modern to traditional wearing a variety of Mangalsutras. The main motto behind this campaign is to inspire the women to wear Mangalsutras as ‘jewellery for all occasions’. The latest collection includes lightweight as well as heavy Mangalsutras which has exquisite designs for working women, brides as well as for festive occasions.

Talking about the variations in designs, Viraj Thadeshwar,Shringar-House of Mangalsutra says “Today, women ask for bold designs and are ready to experiment when it comes to their Mangalsutra. We at Shringar aim to make Mangalsutras as a complete piece of jewellery and jewellery for all occasions – be it a working married woman or a new bride.”

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