“Millennials want jewellery that can be a part of their everyday life and Forevermark understands that,” says Stephen Lussier

The 6th Forevermark Forum held its exclusive press conference in Kolkata and threw light on Forevermark's beautiful journey of creating moments that are meaningful.

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13 July 2017 2:07 PM
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Stephen Lussier, CEO, Forevermark

The 3-day Forevermark Forum had a grand finale with an exclusive press conference which focused on how the new age consumer is more conscious about the provenance of a diamond. "Ever since we launched Forevermark, we envisaged that consumers will be more aware of ethics and provenance of a diamond in the future and Forevermark is all about responsibly sourced diamonds," said Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India.

After a short video of Forevermark's milestone achievements in India, Stephen Lussier, CEO, Forevermark gave a talk on how diamonds are so special because they are all about creating special memories and this is exactly what Forevermark as a brand thrives on. He spoke of how times in India are interesting. "With strikes, demonetization, now GST these are interesting times for India and digital disruption is also challenging. But if you have clarity about the future, you can do anything and that is Forevermark's perception," he said.

Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India and Stephen Lussier, CEO, Forevermark

He further said 2017 has been a fantastic year for Forevermark per se because the consumer demand has been on a rise. "We inscribed our 2 millionth diamond in May this year. Forevermark will be flying high even in 2027 because we have moved beyond 4 C's. Beauty is beyond 4 C's." Lastly, he spoke of the new age consumer, the millennials and how they are no longer interested in jewellery that is sitting in their vaults. "They want jewellery that can be a part of their everyday life and Forevermark understands that."

The digital world has opened a plethora of opportunities for Forevermark as a brand and it seeks to use social media and other digital mediums to convey its powerful story. The session ended with Sachin Jain's presentation on Forevermark's collaboration with designer Sabyasachi Mukherji and all of Forevermark's campaigns that puts consumers and their emotions at its helm.

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