The 'X' factor

An insight into creating cutting edge retail experience by Aftab Bandukwala

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23 August 2017 5:02 PM
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My dear readers, we at V-Design Architectural Solutions Pvt Ltd wish you and your families and your teams a very happy 2017! 2016 saw us all faced with tremendous challenges which I am sure have been difficult, but let us take cheer in that they have only made us stronger, more resilient and even more enthused to make 2017 a game changer!

We have covered several aspects of store design in my articles over the year but in this one I really would like to discuss how we can actually make our stores and their design path breaking and create a cutting edge retail experience for our customers, one which they want to come to, apart from coming to buy whatever is on their shopping list.

Technology has evolved leaps and bounds and there is reinvention everyday making science fiction or yore seem like daily news. We at V-Design Architectural Solutions Pvt Ltd make sure technology is used as a design and selling tool as much as the elaborate flooring and ceilings that we design amongst other interior detailing.

We use the digital media such tablets and LED screens extensively, seamlessly blending with our design and finishes to speak of your brand and products such that they do not distract from your jewellery yet assert the brand and soft sell your ware even beyond the live merchandise that you have actually on display. You will find them an integral part of the wall and counter display as well as the display windows of the stores we have designed.

But why stop here? Let's take it to the third dimension. Imagine holographic projections in the store showing a piece of jewellery from all angles, what's more, even as your skilled in house jewellery designer makes the changes and additions that your customer requires right there in front of their eyes! It's almost as good as being able to see the actual piece they are going to invest in, just marginally short of being able to actually wear it! Why, even their face can be incorporated in the projection to eliminate even that last element of doubt as to how this will look on them!

Aren't you already into e-tailing? Well if not, then get there quickly! We are itching to use touch screen glass monitors for your customers to selects their jewellery or rocks from when they come to your store! Thrill them with a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible like buying experience which indeed makes the impossible possible by opening them up to innumerable options, more than you can display real time in your store. Who says e-commerce should be limited to their couch from home? With the drama we will create in your store, don't be surprised if your customer walks in to your store, only to buy online!

All this and more will make the retail experience a drama and an adventure, something that will have your store talked about for years to come!

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