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Digital marketing is imperative to any business today. The jewellery industry too, is gradually embracing digital marketing as a new way of promoting their brands. The rise of digital marketing is changing the way jewellery brands are engaging their target customers. Kavita Parab spoke to industry leaders to find out about how to use the power of digital marketing to enhance brand image and appeal to the current crop of target audience.

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19 September 2017 3:25 PM
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The rise of digital marketing is changing the way luxury brands are engaging with their customers and traditional companies must embrace the digital platform to stay relevant in the industry. Today, information marketers have the greatest opportunity to analyse real time information and plan their marketing strategies accordingly. Backed by insights into customer preferences and online behaviour, which help influence their buying patterns, the industry is on the cusp of constant change and adaptation. One of the benefits of digital media is that it generates data, enabling analytics that were previously impossible. Digital media is more measurable than any other form of media. It is not just about huge reach numbers; it is about creating engagement, understanding our customers’ journey, and then delivering relevant content along the way. Let us find out how the industry can take advantage of digital technology without compromising the core values that make luxury brands what they are.

Digital marketers can optimise conversion rates to achieve maximum return of investment for businesses. Unlike the print and television medium, digital medium has allowed for businesses to constantly work towards modifying and creating new content towards their end-goal of reaching their target audience. Feedback has become fairly immediate which has been a major advantage.

At ORRA, we recently worked on a project whereby we integrated first and second screens to deliver messages to our niche audiences. We wanted to reach large audiences with top-of-mind recall for jewellery ads and precisely engage with them on mobile. Using Zapr analytics we were able to detect exactly who watched our own ads on TV and even the ads of our key competitors. We directly reached out to these individuals via our messaging on popular online channels like YouTube, Facebook and other top apps.

The result was that we effectively engaged more than 1 million Smartphone users who watched the most recent jewellery ads on TV including our ads. This helped us win enormous share-of-voice (SOV). We got to execute highly local geo-targeting across cities like Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore where our showrooms are located. The campaign not only reached wide audiences of more than a million users, but also witnessed impactful engagement across different age groups, gender and time stamps.

Sanjay Banerjee, Head of E-commerce, PNG Jewellers

Content marketing is a very important strategic digital marketing approach that helps us move closer to our business objectives. It matters to consumers present over internet. It helps the consumer in making right buying decision, saves time and money. Digital content doesn’t have a shelf life. Once we post it to our site or social media pages, it’ll continue informing potential customers day after day, year after year at no extra charge.

Online content marketing matters to search engines and Google is the world’s biggest search engine. As a result, it fields more than 1 trillion queries every year from users all over the world. With that number, we can bet that someone in our area is using Google to research PNG brand related products. Creating content and posting it to our website and social media is the best way to reach those potential customers. Moreover, digital content earns links from other sites’ key SEO ranking factor. Digital content from good brand is most likely shareable on social media which can help us promote content from our brand’s website.

Online content marketing matters to our business. Content is ultimately on our website to earn new customers, and every time one of our visitors is engaged on our pages, with good content we try to lead them towards conversion via data marketing automation. So, getting our content in place is the first step to earn conversions.

Chaitanya V Cotha, Director, C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers

At Forevermark, we believe that change is the only constant. Our core ability to constantly innovate, understand the evolving consumer landscape by research and listening, and our sharp focus on future has been the basis to inspire consumers and keep them engaged meaningfully with our categories and our partners doors. Not just millennials but all age groups today are living a
seamless life in the real and the virtual world.

Thus,social media is also a good channel of digital marketing for jewellers. Being active on social media allows you to increase your brand exposure. Take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to promote, educate and engage your followers.

Our understanding of social media is working well. We are very happy to share that through independent industry researches, we have found that the two of the most important occasions in this consumer space - Valentine’s Day week and Akshay Tritiya week - Forevermark India has been amongst the highest engaged brands including Cadbury, Nestle and Flipkart.

This comes with a lot of detail and organising of data. Today, in tech terms, big data is what we all hear. The customer base is like big data, as there is a lot of “opportunity” and to exploit to its full potential is right for you and your brand. To remain exclusive is something that comes from within. You need to create programs that will help people feel more than just getting a discount. I believe, today people want experiences and are willing to spend on them. We need to run different campaigns for different target groups – as the youngsters would like to enjoy their time or a weekend whereas a slightly older person would like to get something that affects more on a personal level. At CKC Group of Companies, we are running ‘Travel the World’ campaign which means that you dream of a holiday and we will pay for it. This will involve more than just one person as two women (daughter/mother, Mother-inlaw/ daughter-in-law etc.) would get to enjoy this option while getting a piece of jewellery that they are going to buy anyway. A little extra and a chance to win (Terms and conditions apply). This will help to be exclusive while having a large client base.

Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels

As per research data, 54 per cent of the people research online before making the decision of purchasing offline. Jewellery brands can take advantage of this research pattern of users to create content for communication, engagement and content for their consumer.

Online sale of jewellery is still in its nascent stage and yet to build traction. I think it contributes 4 to 5 per cent of the total jewellery business. Various jewellery market places have come that let brands to sell their jewellery through online order, which eases the brand’s task of creation and management of selling jewellery online. Also, touch-and-feel factor has been a kind of main problem in selling jewellery online. There is immense competition from various industries in the digital marketing space and the challenge therefore is to have a maximum share of eyeballs. Going ahead with digital will play a vital role in our strategy and we hope to use this medium in the best possible way.

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