Chandukaka Saraf & Sons launches Ajanta Ellora Collection

World Heritage now in the form of Jewellery!

: IJ News Service
27 September 2017 1:36 PM
Reference: 11076

Well known and trustworthy jeweler Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt Ltd have again done a miracle of sort by bringing world famous Ajanta and Ellora beauty in 22 karat jewellery with all its famous motifs and glory! According to the chandukaka saraf & sons, this collection is a pure tribute to the magnificence of the caves and to their efforts and contribution to religious and artistic endeavors.

Ajanta and Ellora, both in world heritage site list of UNESCO, have enchanted and amazed tourists world over by their magnificent sculptures and paintings. Ellora caves are famous for their remarkable and huge sculptures, while Ajanta caves have mesmirized many by their magnificent paintings with minute details, done on rock with natural colours, which are still intact even after thousands of years.

Ellora bears significant Buddhist, Jain and Hindu influence, while Ajanta is predominantly Buddhist. Both are cut from single rock and that too, from top to bottom . How this could have been done is a matter of great research worldwide.

Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd., pioneer in many things, have again done a pioneering feat of bringing this glorious heritage in the form of jewellery. In this Ajanta-Ellora collection , Buddhist , Jain and Hindu motifs found in these caves are recreated in 22 carat gold, while retaining purity and beauty of its inspiration. The sculptures found in Ellora like Mahavir Swami sitting under the Kalpvruksha, Buddha in his meditative pose and love between Shiv and Parvati are just a few from the many more that have each been carved and depicted in 22 karat gold .Also, the motifs rich in flora and fauna used in the caves are widely used in this collection. Real polki diamonds in Kundan technique have been used in many pieces to enhance the beauty. No design is repeated and each piece is exclusive and can be called a statement piece.

Beauty of this collection is not only limited to this . It is a beautiful blend of heritage as well as modernity and gives a contemporory feel to the entire collection. Every piece of Jewellery is a startement in itself and is striking for its craftsmanship . Hundreds of artisans and craftsmen of Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd. have tirelessly and painstakingly worked for months to achieve perfection and mastery in this collection which is a new and praisworthy experiment . The entire process of conceptualising and visualising at the designing stage to the actual crafting was tedious due to the enormous task of retaining the beauty and originality of the pieces of art found in the caves . The collection is a must buy for all heritage lovers and a thing to be passed through the generations with a feeling of great pride in heart. The love and lobour put into this collection, is out there for everyone to see now and is a proud unveiling for Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

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