The Dal Lake is translated into High luxe jewels by Jaipur Gems

The Dal Lake collection is set in 18K rose and yellow gold with lustrous rubies and evergreen emeralds with white flawless diamonds.

: IJ News Service
03 November 2017 2:58 PM
Reference: 11118

Kashmir is the jeweled crown of India with extravagant beauty of Himalayas. Ringed by a circular segment of green mountains, is the mesmerizingly peaceful Dal Lake,(Dal Lake is a misnomer as Dal in Kashmiri means lake) on which a splendid cluster of stationary houseboats shape a vivid scene and an exceptional open door for sentimental chill-outs.

Scenic views of the lake and the natural beauty surrounding it, can be witnessed from the shore line of Mughal Gardens such as Shalimar Bagh and Nishat bagh This bewitching, enchanting and picturesque landscape, a little piece of heaven on earth is translated by Siddartha Sacheti, the CEO and creative head, into a line of stunning jewellery. The line encapsulates the delicacy of floating lotus, water lily petals and the romance of rose in the gardens, the scenic views, into breathtaking and stunning pieces of jewels. A matching neckpiece and a bracelet in the shape of a lotus and a lily petal is encrusted intricately with Burmese rubies and Zambian emeralds respectively. Its an absolute art deco beautiful piece and the juxtaposition of the stones compliment each other perfectly thus bringing out the serenity and beauty of the garden.

Another worth mentioning piece from our collection is a hand painted green colour enamel (popularly known as Meenakari ) lotus leaf necklace. Each piece of the leaf of the neckpiece was painstakingly painted 2 - 3 times to perfection by our skilled craftsmen till we didn't arrive on our desired result. The water lily petals are then adorned with Octogan shaped bottle green emeralds on each of them totalling to 39.35 carats.

The edges are sprinkled with Diamonds thereby giving it a shimmering effect. Glimpses of rare spinnels sourced from Tajikistan, a precious stone which have a charm and allure that not even the finest rubies, diamonds or emeralds posses have been used in their jewellery line as it executes amazing lustre and vivid colours and bring out the colours and the scenic views of the valley. It’s worth mentioning that it took about a year and a half to find the perfect gemstones, then develop and create the Dal Lake jewellery parure.

Each piece required a prototype that the craftsmen had to recast several times over in pursuit of perfection. It was thanks to that desire, to do everything possible to create a masterpiece, that allowed Jaipur Gems to immortalise the beauty of nature through its glorious creation of jewellery.

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