Reliance Jewels launches “ASYA – I am that” Collection

 “ASYA – I am that” Collection is  Inspired by the Traditional, Designed for the Versatile Indian Women

: IJ News Service
06 November 2017 9:47 AM
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Reliance Jewels, a leading jewellery brand, which guarantees 100% purity and a wide range of designs, has announced the release of its latest designer gold jewellery collection called ‘ASYA- I am that’ designed by the gifted designer Garima Maheshwari exclusively for Reliance Jewels, as an extension of their 10 Year Celebrations.

This intricately designed fine jewellery collection showcases the finesse of the renowned traditional Indian craftsmanship in contemporary forms. Every piece is a work of art that is sure to make the modern woman feel beautiful, whether at work or a festive gathering. Encapsulating the swan’s resplendent elegance, this fine jewellery collection blends traditional symbols with contemporary designs. The gold ornaments are studded with colourful precious stones, representing various qualities of this majestic bird.

The designs are inspired by diverse positions, forms, experiences and body-parts of the swan including its flight, swim in the lotus pond, rounding of its neck, among others. ‘ASYA’ bears close resemblance to the form of a swan, reminiscent of the beauty with which it has been crafted. The pure gold jewellery collection embodies the grace of this regal bird. Being a symbol of grace in the Indian mythology and the carrier of Goddess Lakshmi, the regal swan is also a reflection of the modern woman who is as pure, beautiful, smart, independent and fearless. While the modern Indian woman is rising above social norms of society, she is also deeply rooted in the grace, religion and purity of ancient Indian traditions. Inspired by ASYA collection’s tag line ‘I Am That’ coupled with Reliance Jewels’ campaign ‘Be the Moment’ this collection represents every woman who embodies such qualities and rises beyond everyday challenges with grace, love, magnificence and splendor in every walk of life. In keeping with this central idea, ASYA’s versatile designs cater to women of every age group, be it the youngsters who are keen on making a statement with their jewellery or the high flyers who understand jewellery as an extension of their legacy.

Commenting on the launch of the collection Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels said, “This collection is exquisite yet unique and is designed bearing in mind the preferences of the modern Indian women. We want to blend traditional symbols with contemporary designs, to reimagine the jewellery experience for the dynamic Indian women of today. We are confident that this collection will provide a wide range of edgy, inspirational and vibrant jewellery experience to our loyal and new customers as well.” The collection is available exclusively at Reliance Jewels Showrooms Pan India.

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