Experience the legendary weave in gold & diamonds with CaratLane’s Banarasi Brocade collection

Crafted in 18kt gold, CaratLane’s Banarasi Brocade collection draws inspiration from the craft that originated in this city.

: IJ News Service
29 November 2017 4:10 PM
Reference: 11157

Banaras, one of the oldest cities in the world, has a rich cultural heritage. Luxuriously woven in silver and gold, the brocades from the city have always been coveted for their fineness. Crafted in 18kt gold, CaratLane’s Banarasi Brocade collection draws inspiration from the craft that originated in this city.

Each piece in this exquisite collection is a harmony of fine craftsmanship and mechanic precision to render the legendary weave in gold. The collection showcases striking and exquisite pieces weaved into intricate designs. The surface of the gold is etched using the "rigato" technique, which scores ultra-fine parallel lines to recreate the silky texture and the embossed feel of Brocade. The intricate motifs are reimagined in stunning cluster-set diamonds to give the final luxe finish. Pure, exquisite and beautiful, this collection draws on the authentic artistry of Banarasi Brocade and translates its beauty into gold.

“The collection is beautifully crafted into the silky finish and smooth lines with the finest rendition of intricate motifs and authentic finesse by incorporating the Banarasi Brocade, a tale that doesn’t need telling. The collection purports to embody the alluring artwork of the beautiful city of Banaras.” said Aakrosh Sharma, SVP, Merchandising & Fulfillment, CaratLane. Prices start at Rs.14,224/-

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