The Election Process for GJEPC Chairman & Vice Chairman Underway; all Nominations Received & Voting Process to Begin in January

Nominations for Vice Chairman & Chairman have been received and the voting process will commence in January.

: IJ News Service
19 December 2017 10:30 AM
Reference: 11171

The nominations for GJEPC elections for the financial year 2017-2019 for Regional Chairmen, Vice Chairman and Chairman respectively were received during November. The election process this time is entirely handled by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under the helm of the Ministry of Commerce, India.

A dedicated software agency has been hired by the DGFT to handle the e-voting process. The election that takes place every two years will begin its casting in the month of January. The process of how eligible members can cast their vote will be announced in the next week. The voting process will take place for 7 days and yesterday was the last day of withdrawal of nomination.

The voting process is an entirely democratic one and some of the prime contenders include Pramod Kumar Agrawal from Derewala Industries and Vipul Shah from Asian Star for the post of Chairman and Anup Zaveri from Polar Star and Colin Shah from Kama Schachter Jewelry for the post of Vice Chairman respectively. The results will be announced soon after the voting process and the winners will be announced in the presence of the office bearers at the Committee of Administration.

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