Ghanasingh Be True presents its latest collection of stunning jewellery designed by artist- Bina Aziz, Belleza

Legendary jewellery brand ‘Ghanasingh Be True’ unveils its new designer collection that epitomises the absolute form of art "Belleza" created by celebrated artist Bina Aziz.

: IJ News Service
03 January 2018 3:30 PM
Reference: 11184

Illustrious jewellery brand ‘Ghanasingh Be True’ is pleased to unveil its new and stunning collection that epitomises the absolute form of art, the “Belleza" line, created by celebrated artist Bina Aziz. Inimitable in style, innovative in concept and impeccable in craftsmanship, every piece celebrates the amalgamation of art into design.

Designed with exquisite stones, the collection is brought together by the birch leaf motif that runs common through each and every piece. Symbolising a new beginning, youth and renewal while retaining purity and strength, the designs stand out and leave a lasting impression in your mind. These are further complemented by the confident strokes of Bina Aziz, who has successfully managed to maintain the synergy between two forms of art and present this decadent collection. Furthermore, the ultimate piece-de-resistance introduces new dimensions to traditional bridal jewellery.

Featuring a stunning combination of rubies and diamonds in the birch leaf motif, the piece is a spectacular display of the pure creativity of Bina Aziz. Say Bina Aziz, “The beauty of a painting is the imperfection and the beauty of a piece of jewellery is its perfection. That’s the only difference between Ghanasingh Be True and Bina Aziz. With this collection, I honour the true blue women. These are those who exude glamour, confidence and pride, while radiating love and compassion. I celebrate the beauty of a woman when she is adorned in jewels, which is a part of the rich cultural heritage of India, like in the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

Every sculpted woman in these caves has been my source of inspiration to create something that is pure in vision and form.” Gautam Ghanasingh says, “The Belleza” is a result of the pure creativity. While the birch leaf has a therapeutic and auspicious significance, the motif appears strikingly in each and every piece to create a collection that radiates beauty and elegance. Bina has captured the iconic emotions that make up a woman perfectly in the collection. Be it the grace, the beauty, the elegance or the sophistication, each facet of a woman is clearly and beautifully depicted. The collection upholds our tradition of state-of-the-art craftsmanship, uncompromising style and proves to be the melting pot of design and art. After all, design and art are a celebration of life, emotion and colour and at Ghanasingh Be True, we truly appreciate both.” The delightful and dramatic pieces are a perfect fit for any occasion and a standout accent to both daytime and evening looks. They will be launched at Ghanasingh Be True’s Hyderabad store This is Bina’s second collaboration with Ghanasingh Be True, after the first proved to be an absolute sell out. In fact, when it comes down to creating high end customised couture jewellery, Bina Aziz’s forte in interpreting and creating Ghanasingh Be True’s vision is the key strength behind this strong partnership.

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