A Tale of Indian Jewellery

Gyan Museum, Jaipur to host the India launch of Bernadette van Gelder’s landmark publication on Traditional Indian Jewellery.

: IJ News Service
15 January 2018 3:35 PM
Reference: 11198

Gyan Museum, Jaipur will host the India launch of Traditional Indian Jewellery: The Golden Smile of India & Beautiful People, a vast and detailed two volume publication, covering the rich heritage of Indian jewellery and its significance in past and present Indian society. The India launch of the publication follows the international launch at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam where the inaugural copy was presented to Mr Veenu Rajamony, Indian Ambassador to The Netherlands.

The Netherland’s proceeds of the sale of the book went entirely to the Bernadette van Gelder Foundation, committed to Indian female empowerment. The launch will be held at Gyan Museum, Jaipur on 28 January 2018​, and will include a talk by Bernadette van Gelder in the presence of guest of honour Her Royal Highness Smt. Rajkumari Diyakumari.

Bernadette van Gelder, founder of Van Gelder Indian Jewellery,’ at present run by 2 of her 3 daughters, Noelle Viguurs-van Gelder and Fleur Damman-van Gelder, has always been fascinated by India’s rich artistic heritage and tradition of jewellery making. Her interest in Indian culture and traditions has inspired extensive travel throughout the subcontinent over the last 35 years, which has allowed her unique insights into the diverse craft and techniques of goldsmiths, stone setters and enamellers, which she has meticulously researched for this publication.

The book presents a unique perspective into Indian aesthetics and iconography, offering insights into the role of jewellery in everyday life, festivals and religion, alongside photographs illustrating the intricate details and rigour of Indian craftsmanship through the ages. Van Gelder has a long-standing connection with the Dhaddha family who set up Gyan Museum in honour of the Late Gyan Chanda Dhaddha to house his collection which includes textiles, paintings, antique jewellery and objet d'art from around the world, dating back over 3,000 years.

This publication is the result of extensive research inspired by a true passion for India and the culture and traditions of its jewellery, and is a unique illustrated archive in over 600 pages, featuring two volumes. Volume I: The Golden Smile of India and Volume II: Beautiful People.

Traditional Indian Jewellery ​by Bernadette van Gelder is available in bookstores and museums from January 2018 at a price of INR 10800 (£125). Bernadette van Gelder​, “Gyan Chand Dhaddha from Jaipur became my Teacher, Guru, dearest Friend and Safety Net in India. He, quite literally, took me by the hand and guided me through the fascinating world of jewellery making in India and taught me to get familiar with the old traditional designs and techniques. He unveiled to me to see the difference between that historical piece and the same design one makes today....” Arun Dhaddha, Founder Director Gyan Museum “We are very excited to welcome Bernadette and her family to Gyan Museum. The families have had a long-standing relationship and we’re delighted to launch this exquisite publication which displays her knowledge, dedication and passion for Indian Jewellery in such fine form.”

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