CaratLane launches a new Valentine’s Day collection ‘The New Expressions of Love’

This Valentine’s Day, love has a new language! Gift your loved ones something meaningful and precious with CaratLane’s new Valentine’s Day Collection, ‘The New Expressions of Love’. 

: IJ News Service
29 January 2018 1:12 PM
Reference: 11210

Every design comes with a unique expression. Crafted in gold to appeal to the emoji-speaking, meme-sharing millennials of today, the designs are fun, upbeat and self-expressive - making them truly the new age ecards. They also come in a special package that features one-liners that showcase the unique meaning behind each design.

“With prices starting from Rs. 4500, they are a fail-safe Valentine’s gift - equal parts thoughtful and precious!” said Aakrosh Sharma, SVP, Merchandising & Fulfillment, CaratLane. The collection has an assortment of over 70 designs featuring pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in 14kt and 18kt gold.

The highlights of the collection include leather strapped Hinglish bracelets which use a combination of English and Hindi scripts to form a word, ‘you captured my heart’ earrings which feature pixelated hearts, a ‘let’s go places’ pendant which features footsteps, and a range of rings that feature romantic texts at the back as well as flexi rings which comprises stylish free size rings.

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