Reliance Jewels Celebrates Love with its New Collection

Emphasising on the fact that expressing love should not be relegated to just a single day, Reliance Jewels presents eternal classic and timeless jewellery options which make for a perfect gift for your loved ones, for any reason in any season.

: IJ News Service
31 January 2018 11:47 AM
Reference: 11214

The soul of the soul of this Universe is, Love. Echoing this sentiment of universal love as propounded by the renowned Sufi saint, Rumi, India’s leading jewellery brand, Reliance Jewels, truly believes that #EveryDayIsLoveDay.

Each piece of jewellery at Reliance Jewels is a rare piece of art made to complement your love. It comprises magnificent stylish earpieces, rings, pendants studded with diamonds and precious coloured stones which presents unique and elegant designs that are a feast to the eyes and also brings out the love and affection that the brand’s patrons aim to symbolise through these jewels.

Reliance Jewels also offers a wide range of Solitaire &Platinum love bands serving as a perfect gift for your beloved. These bands are a new favourite among couples and signify your love and commitment to your partner and personify the promise that you will be by their side forever. You can also avail exciting offers from 2nd to 25th February and explore a wide range of fine jewellery options within necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, pendants and more at nearest Reliance Jewels Showroom.

Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels says “We at Reliance Jewels believe that every day is a day of love. Love is a universal sentiment which should not be relegated to just a day or be limited to only couples. It is important to express our affection to loved ones everyday. Gestures of love and gifts speak a lot about our unspoken feelings and jewellery is the perfect way to say how much you love person, since they are pure and timeless. Love should be showered on more occasions thanjust on Valentine’s Day as each day is a special day. We aim to symbolise our thought #EveryDayIsLoveDay with our alluring jewellery."

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