Designing with a Difference- Gauri by Gauri Himatsingka

Jewellery Designer Gauri Himatsingka talks to Vijetha Rangabashyam
about creating one of a kind pieces that leave a lasting impression and
the growing demand for luxury fashion jewellery in India.

: IJ News Service
01 January 2018 6:05 PM
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A graduate from Amity Business School, Gauri pursued her passion for jewellery designing by enrolling at JDPC, Delhi (Jewellery Product Development Centre) followed by a course in Gemology from GIA, London. She launched her jewellery brand ‘Gauri’ in 2010 and it has been one joyous ride for Gauri since. No two designs of hers are the same because innovation and creativity are at the core of her designs.

Her pieces are playful and flamboyant with cues from nature and art. She has pulled no stops when it comes to using different materials to give her pieces a textural element. Leather, gold, silver, rose gold and more combined with a smattering of turquoise, agate, mother of pearls, American diamonds in different colours and other semi-precious stones define her collection.

When not designing jewellery she likes to paint and listen to music. Currently Gauri retails out of Evoluzione, Atosa, Fuel, Mogra and Angasutra.

Where does your passion from jewellery stem from?

My love for jewellery comes from my mother. As a child, I remember helping her keep her jewellery properly in boxes, cleaning them and being in awe of how a person looked while wearing them. I always wanted to see different kinds of jewellery, visit exhibitions and doing these things always gave me a sense of joy. I always from a very young age was very interested in gemstones and jewellery so somewhere post graduation, I was very sure to pursue a career in jewellery.


How would you describe your labels spirit?

The USP of my brand is that we fabricate pieces using different kinds of coloured stones. Thus, a lot of my pieces are like limited edition pieces which cannot be made again because of the unavailability of the same stone. The feeling of being the single owner of a particular design generates a feel good factor. The pieces I create are fun and fashionable.

Can you walk us through your latest collection?

My latest collection is called ‘The Dancing Dervishes’. Inspired from the Turkish Dervishes, my collection is about creating rhythm through intricately fabricated designs. The use of subtle rose gold polish and ribbon like texture gives flow to the metal. Each signature piece is subversive and bold.


Tell us about your prized possession when it comes to jewellery?

My grandmother’s pajeb. It’s a Victorian style payal (anklets) with intricate filigree work. I have used the two pieces and made a neckpiece out of it which I absolutely love.

What are those special places you derive your inspiration from?

Travelling always inspires me. The local architecture of a place really has a lot of hidden patterns which makes me think and I like to draw inspiration from such patterns.

From a spark to an idea and how it becomes a finished piece of jewellery, can you walk us through your creative process?

It is a very systematic process. The idea is first discussed and the concept is finalised. Then we prepare a sketch for the same with different options in terms of size, stone etc. Once the design is done then the piece is fabricated in our workshop where it’s checked at different stages of completion. Then it is sent for stone setting, rodium and polish. The final finishing is done afterwards and the piece is ready to be sold.


Define the style sensibility of the wearer of your jewellery?

My jewellery is wearable and it makes a lasting impression. They cater to all age groups of people.

Do you think the demand for luxury fashion jewellery in India is on the rise?

There definitely is a demand for luxury fashion jewellery in India. The demand for jewellery is on the rise all thanks to the growing awareness amongst people about the global trends. Also people now are definitely very conscious. Destination weddings in India is becoming a growing trend and people now days want to look good, look different and in vogue and avoid carrying real jewellery which usually requires a lot of planning and paperwork.

What stones and metal do you love working with and why? And what kind of jewellery do you like wearing yourself?

My favourite gemstones are Turquoise and Amber, and I love working with silver. Silver is affordable and I love the look and feel of a piece when it is made in this metal. A jewellery must-have for me is definitely a neckpiece. I love creating one as much as I like wearing it.

How important do you think it is for a jewellery designer to be up to date when it comes to trends?

It’s always good to know about the new emerging trends in jewellery and fashion globally. Creativity can inspire and amaze a lot of people everywhere. It keeps you motivated to work hard and think out of the box and even inspire someone else!


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