IGI’s decision to certify Traditional Jewellery revamps the face of Indian Jewellery

The world’s trusted authority in diamond certification and education, IGI, announced their decision to certify uncut, unpolished diamonds, giving the Indian bridal dream, its mark of authenticity.

: IJ News Service
14 February 2018 6:06 PM
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From the amazing bridal jewellery adorned by Aishwarya Rai as she portrayed Jodha Bai in the period cinema, 'Jodhaa Akbar' to the beautiful 'Deepika Padukone' in ‘Padmavat;’ uncut jewellery, more commonly referred to as the 'Jadau' are indeed the vintage  dream  of an Indian bride. With Bollywood patronizing the style, the demand for this kind of jewellery has increased manifold in the past decade. Inspired by the rich cultural expanse of the Mughal dynasty that reigned the Northern parts of India, Kundan and Polki  style jewellery are predominantly manufactured in Jaipur and other parts of North India. Rich and elegant, the design has carved its niche in the conventional Indian wedding trousseau. 

Attempts have been made to duplicate the design in glass, but the grandeur strikes right with the use of natural diamonds in the setting. The International Gemological Institute, pioneers in diamond certification and education, have announced their decision to certify the unpolished, uncut diamonds used in creating the perfect ‘Jadau jewellery.’ A first among diamond identification and certification laboratories, IGI’s decision has proved to be a relief to the manufacturers and the end consumers who may now purchase them without worrying about the authenticity of the stones used.

"Jadau jewellery is the epitome of high skilled craftsmanship, the dream of the quintessential Indian bride. It is our pleasure as a certifying authority to be the first in the industry to have extended the service, making sure that the jewellery, accentuating the bridal trousseau is authenticated in accordance with the highest standards in the gems and jewellery industry," said Tehmasp Printer, MD, IGI India.

The decision to certify such uncut diamonds is deemed to put an end to the mala fide practices that are often resorted to in such jewellery settings. Though the clarity and colour aspects are minor attributes in uncut diamonds, it is necessary to identify the origin of these diamonds in the jewellery. The end consumers will benefit in this progressive decision which is surely going to revitalize the gems and jewellery industry. 

Around the world, IGI diamond grading and gemstone identification reports bring confidence when buying or selling diamonds, gemstones and jewellery. Total commitment to understanding consumer concerns has motivated IGI to develop comprehensive analysis and clear documentation for consumers. An evaluation from IGI represents the all-important 5th C that no one should be without: Confidence. As the world's largest independent gemological laboratory and appraisal institute for diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewellery, IGI is a standard of excellence, second to none, for industry professionals and consumers around the globe.

To know more, log on to www.igi.org or call 022 23671028

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