With over 80 years of experience in perfecting and polishing the art of gold crafting, the gem of the South, ‘Karpagam’ has found its way to maximum city. 

: IJ News Service
12 April 2018 10:46 AM
Reference: 11298

Known for their unique craftsmanship and patented jewellery lines, Karpagam aims to bring a touch of traditional elegance and contemporary design to every jewellery box. Since the inception of their first store in Coimbatore, Karpagam has grown from strength to strength.

From creating a one-of-its-kind patented jewellery line ‘Terra Aurum’ with gold and terracotta in 2004 to opening their flagship store in 2006, Karpagam has focused its efforts towards consistently delivering unique designs that display inspired craftsmanship. Bringing alive the cultural heritage of South India, Karpagam’s award-winning design team crafts each piece with intricate details and unwavering focus to produce stunning temple jewellery. Along with traditional motifs, the brand also crafts contemporary designs in gold, suited to different tastes and budgets.

Each made-to-order handcrafted piece has the flexibility of color and purity depending on individual preferences. One can choose from gold, diamonds, solitaires, and gemstones to create a perfectly suited masterpiece. Every Karpagam piece is made with the intent of lasting generations, given its unique beauty and exceptional quality. With a focus on Meenakari, Kundan and Temple jewellery and over 2500 unique designs to choose from in the categories of bangles, earrings, nose pins and pendants, Karpagam ensures that each individual customer finds a piece to their liking.

Prevailing trends in terms of design and functionality take topmost priority in the Karpagam store, making the jewellery shopping experience seamless. If convenience is your priority, Karpagam also plans to launch shopping through its online portal for its Mumbai customers soon. When you buy from Karpagam, it’s not just another piece of jewellery, but an amalgamation of hard work through trained craftsmanship, a mark of stringent quality and a piece of cultural heritage that will shine on for generations to come.

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