‘The Jewellery Intensive’ aims to offer Jewellery Professionals a Unique Learning Platform

The Intensive, a 15-day travel and experience based program is just what you need if you are looking to get a lowdown of knowledge from the best in the industry.

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05 June 2018 9:37 AM
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Some of the biggest industry stalwarts in gems & jewellery have marked a niche for themselves through sheer experience – while formal education can offer learners an insight to a certain extent, the depth of knowledge gained through experience is irreplaceable. The Jewellery Intensive seeks to bridge this gap.

A venture instigated by Questerra, an experiential travel platform that helps one learn, network and grow and curated by jewellery specialist Preeta Agarwal, the idea behind Intensive is experiential learning from industry stalwarts, senior mentors and seasoned professionals each of whom are strong pillars of the industry. With this unique offering, one can learn the ropes of jewellery industry in a 15-day travel and experience based program scheduled to take place in the later half of August (dates to be announced later).

With Tradition, Trade and Design being the foundation of the course, the course will span across Jaipur, Mumbai and London, each of which will represent a unique taste in jewellery. From sourcing gems to learning the tricks of the industry, topped with international trends and styles, design forecasting; the intensive brings to you the best these the cities have to offer a jewellery passionate soul.

The course module covers everything from jewellery design to trends, traditional jewellery making techniques to modern jewellery trade, from effects of social media to PR through visits to museums, jewellery making factories, meetings and cloud interactions with industry leaders and more. Specially designed for jewellery design students, professionals, merchandisers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, retailers and diamond and gemstone dealers, the Intensive will also be mentored by jewellery blogger Katerina Perez.

If you like what you read, and wish to travel on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can apply here:


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