Zoya hosts a preview of Pezzo D’Arte

Rare jewellery inspired by classical Italian wonders.

: IJ News Service
14 June 2018 10:28 AM
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Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, hosted a preview of its new collection, Pezzo D’Arte. The versatile collection is a modern interpretation of classical Italian wonders, lovingly crafted into wearable little fragments of history, that serve as everyday reminders of magnificence, in diamonds, gold and precious stones.

Pezzod’Arte is a collection imbued with a distinctly modern and innovative vibe, that has been designed with the contemporary woman as its muse. Exquisite, custom cut stones underscore the collection’s sublime designs and the highly skilled work of its team of master craftsmen. Internationally acclaimed actor, NimratKaur, was Zoya’s guest of honour at the event.

Carving a distinct niche for herself as a “thinking actor” with films like The Lunchbox and Peddlers, Nimrat has also made a mark internationally with her performances in American TV series, Homeland and Wayward Pines.

Her journey in theatre, film and TV, in India and internationally, sparkles with fine craftsmanship as does every piece of Zoya’s jewellery. Mr. SandeepKulhalli, Head of Titan’s Jewellery Division, said, “Zoya holds a place of great importance in the Titan portfolio of jewellery brands. As our first home-grown luxury brand, we are delighted with Zoya’s growth. With two stores in Mumbai and one in Delhi, the company is looking forward to aggressively expanding the footprint of our boutiques further this year.

We are delighted to have Nimrat join us at the launch of PezzoD’Arte, a collection that is truly a work of fine art.” Mr Kulhalli and Nimrat together introduced Zoya’s new collection of 37 rings, earrings, bangles, pendants and necklaces to guests. Using geometry in design, the contemporary interpretations of classical Italian structures such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Forum, the iconic double helix staircase at the Vatican, Florence’s baptistery, Sienna’s cathedral and the Pantheon form a focal point for the design direction of the collection. Diamonds, tanzanites, amethysts, sapphires and citrines are held in rose, white and yellow gold narrating modern tales of a timeless place. The supreme craftsmanship of Pezzo D’Arte is evident in the meticulous placement of diamonds and citrine in a lariat creating an unusual shape reminiscent of the Pantheon.

A citrine is masterfully cut with lasers to create an abstract design inspired by the architecture of the Sienna Cathedral while a stack ring made of baguette diamonds and tanzanite finds design direction from the Colosseum. The stark symmetrical lines of the Florence Baptistery is intuitively celebrated in a pair of eponymous amethyst earrings. Its iconic octagonal architecture in the Florentine Romanesque style is rendered by the Zoya atelier as an amethyst drop clad in brilliant round cut-diamonds. Meticulously sourced and custom-cut in a tapering octagon, the amethyst is cushioned in a striking geometry of pink gold. Speaking on the occasion Nimrat said, “I appreciate Zoya’s great attention to detail. From the brilliant cut of each stone to its meticulous placement in the final design, it is Zoya’s fine craftsmanship that sets it apart.” “Historic monuments hold our attention because of the stories they tell. Translating inspiration from classic structures beautifully as Zoya has done with this collection is an art. It is wonderful to own a piece that is not only stunning but has a beautiful tale to tell,” she added.

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