Kirtilals launches India’s first of its kind jewellery with a unique Modular technology - ‘The Clutch’ collection

Rightfully termed as The Clutch, the ornament can
be retracted into a compact size.

: IJ News Service
07 September 2018 10:26 AM
Reference: 11462

Kirtilals, India’s premium Diamond Jewellery brand launches India's first ever modular jewellery collection at its crosscut showroom - The Clutch. A collection of stunning diamond jewels with a serious upgrade. Rightfully termed as The Clutch, the ornament can be retracted into a compact size. Once retracted these can be discreetly slipped into your clutch purse. Gone are the days where you need bulky boxes to carry your glitter. With recent developments in manufacturing, it gives brave artists the room to experiment and make their designs appealing yet functional.

The Clutch comes alive with a proprietary mechanical innovation developed by Kirtilals research and development team. Mr. Suraj Shantakumar, Director – Business Strategy, Kirtilals said “We at Kirtilals believe in the art of creating jewellery that has been passed down for generations. But with changing times we envision to combine our ancient art with modern practices. Actively relying on our research and development, we wish to give a unique and innovative style of jewellery for our customers. In that line, we are very happy to launch this collection for our customers which will allow them to enjoy jewellery without its ubiquitous storage problem.”

Ms. Seema Mehta, Director-Creative, Kirtilals said “Our Clutch line of jewellery have an intricately crafted framework that gives the jewellery a fluid and three-dimensional look. Roomy prongs, sockets and links ensure a flexible cascading effect and perfect contours. I am extremely proud of our R&D as well as our creative team that we have been able to collaborate and bring a completely different type of product to the jewellery industry which has been stagnant for quite a while."

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