Senco Gold & Diamonds Brings to Light the Beauty of ‘Karigari’ in India with its Brand New TVC

The TVC with four different avatars of women essayed beautifully by actor Vidya Balan draws a connection between jewellery craftsmanship and the real, everyday women who adorn the craft.

: IJ News Service
14 September 2018 3:30 PM
Reference: 11468

Television commercials surrounding jewellery either always focus on the wearer or the piece of jewellery itself. There has hardly been an initiative that goes into the kind of Karigari or craftsmanship, something India is renowned for. With its new campaign, Senco Gold & Diamonds, a Kolkata based retailer has decided to shift the focus on the different forms of Karigari.

Consumers hardly get to know about the jewellery they buy or where it comes from. In the commercial, Karigari finds its significance and relevance through the stories of four different women from four different parts of the country - women who find a reflection of their identity in the jewellery they choose to wear. A Bengali woman talks about a wisdom passed on to her by her grandmother – every aspect of a relationship needs a little nurturing, with a lot of time and patience for it to blossom into a beautiful couple, much like the time and patience taken to craft a beautiful pair of filigree bangles. The Mumbai edition has an independent, single, soon-to-be married woman who likes her jewellery to be minimalist yet striking – she wears a pair of lightweight diamond earrings, hence focusing on lightweight Karigari.

For the Delhi audience, the ad focuses on a bit of sparkle and glitter found in diamonds, mostly loved by the women of Delhi. The South Indian woman talks about a recipe passed onto her by her mother, but she says that she adds her own personal touch to it, much like the nakshi work done by the craftsmen at Senco, with their personal touch.

The analogy drawn between each character, her ‘realness’, simplicity, individuality and desire to shine and the jewels they like to wear, which are nothing but an extension of their personality has been brought out really well in the advertisements. The roles have been portrayed really well by Vidya Balan. Suresh Triveni of Tumhari Sulu’s fame along with the entire crew of the film, directed the advertisement.

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