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Indian's Coolest Store Awards- 2018
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01 November 2018 12:06 PM
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Khurana Jewellery House, Amritsar

The 1st Edition of India’s Coolest Store Awards was such a phenomenal success. To acknowledge the ever-evolving retail landscape of the jewellery industry and to bring to the forefront the brands’ efforts when it comes to giving the best customer experience, Indian Jeweller magazine conceptualized India’s Coolest Store Awards. We divided the stores based on 4 main regions – North, West, East and South.

We further categorized the stores based on their size. All stores with retail space equaling to or larger than 5000 sq-ft were judged under Large Format category while stores larger than 2000 sq-ft and less than 5000 sq-ft were judged under Small Format category. Stores under 2000 sq-ft were judged under boutique category. We also had two special categories based on Ambiance and Marketing. Based on Interior, Exterior, Brand Story, Marketing, Online Presence and Individuality, our very able and knowledgeable judges deemed 18 stores as ‘Cool’. This was an enriching experience for the participants as they had to introspect on what makes them cool and forus, we got to see so much coolness through all these stores!

Khurana Jewellery House, Amritsar

Khurana Jewellery House, established in 1951, has over the years come to be known as the epitome of exclusive jewellery design and unmatched craftsmanship. What started off as a dream of their founders Shri Uttam Chand Ji Khurana and Shri Charanjit Ji Khurana in a small shop in the Guru Bazaar Market, was turned into a 5000 sq.ft. reality, at one of Amritsar’s prime locations, The Mall, by Pankaj and Munish Khurana. KJH’s flagship store has been a magnet for the famous and fashionable. The concept of the boutique draws inspiration from Uttam Chand ji’s personal design aesthetic and his passion for iconic art and theatre. Designed with custom furniture, set in a luxe ambience, it boasts of theatrical and luxurious elements such as the custom chandelier, theatrical displays that change with every season etc. The store has been designed in a manner to lead the customer towards product discovery. Separate wings of the stores have been dedicated to particular genre of jewellery such as diamond, polki, gold, silver etc.

A section of the store has been converted into a bridal salon where a bride can make her purchase in a peaceful and discreet manner. The golden city of Amritsar has also stood as an inspiration behind the store’s design. Khurana Jewellery House has wired the boutique for WiFi; when customers connect to it, their browsers will redirect to a guide through the store’s catalogues, store’s map with the current jewellery displays, etc. to help lead the customer towards product discovery. Not only is Khurana Jewellery home to exquisite jewellery, the luxury boutique also offers jewellery workshops, home delivery, after sale services such as jewellery cleaning and maintenance

Fateh Chand Bansi Lal Jewellers, Ambala City

FCBL Jeweller is a name synonymous with best quality, most splendid designs and finest craftsmanship. The grand doyen of the family, Shri Fateh Chand Bansi Lal established FCBL Jewellers’ first showroom at Sarafa, Ambala more than 100 years ago. Since then, the brand has grown strength to strength. Shri Sultan Singh ji welded immaculate best work ethics, highest standards of honesty, unblemished integrity and unique joie de vivre of his Suryavanshi origins with Ambala’s resplendence, royal heritage and vivaciousness. He thus laid down the principles which have guided the brand till now.

Among the exceptional features of the newly launched store, a remarkable aspect is that all the unique and extraordinary items which are available here under one roof have been allocated a special and exclusive place. The sections include exclusive Jadau & Polki Jewellery, Traditional Gold Section, Antique Gold Section, Diamond Section, Solitaire Section, Bangles Section and an exclusive Silver Section.

The store has an extremely elegant building , located on Nicholson Road in the heart of Ambala Cantt, housing not only extraordinary gems and jewellery, but also many precious items and articles. This store has set unprecedented standards of not only elegance, exquisite designing, glorious jewellery and luxury watches, but also a customer experience which is the first in Ambala Cantt. The store is entirely done up keeping in mind neem leaves and nimboli (fruit) and reflects the same motifs in stone, grill, furniture, facade etc. The facade has been given a Victorian look to keep the image alive.

Aisshpra Gems and Jewels, Gorakhpur

Motisons Jewellers, Jaipur

using the highest quality of material and the rarest of gemstones & diamonds,Motisons Jewellers multiplied from the crowded by-lanes of Johari tothe “Treasure house of legacy”,The Motisons Tower at Tonk Road, through their consistent workmanship and devotion. This“Architectural Marvel” of modern India resembles the auspicious lotus flower, which turns into thousand colours with each one narrating the store’s vibrancy. The embedded in lays of natural gemstones along with them arble on the floor & the interior made of 24 karat real gold make itlook like a boat of Gods. You cannotremove your eyes from the three floor chandelier that looks like the bejeweled pendant that you would like to wear for eternity. Each floorinteriors are decorated in such away that it gives a lavish experience to the visitor, be it the three floor chandelier or the real gold ceiling.All are well decorated to give the customer an everlasting experience.The store has three separate floors dedicated for three major product categories. The entrance floor has gold jewellery, the first floor has diamond jewellery and the second floor showcases silver jewellery along with silver artifacts.

Aisshpra Gems and Jewels, Gorakhpur

Aisshpra represents the renewed image of Hari Prasad Gopi Krishna Saraf – a legacy of a glorious 76 years today, a period larger than Independent India. The recently launched Flagship Store at Park Road in Gorakhpur has a sunny gold façade that is inviting and visible from a far distance. The store houses an entire variety of product range across metals and precious stones – gold jewellery, diamond jewellery, kundan & jadau jewellery, solitaires, silver jewellery and artifacts. They are among the few retailers to have in-house manufacturing facilities as well. The store also houses a luxury lounge that offers exclusive designs and jewellery consultations with an expert on appointments to enhance the jewellery buying experience of brides and premium clientele.

The interiors have changed over the years with a visual merchandising firm doing the colour coding, prop positioning, counter distancing and even fancy window displays. Large TV screens from the entrance to the different zones showcase the collections and the story. Two floors of shine and sparkle and a special lounge that is called the Aisshpra Boutique is part of this mammoth structure which has become the largest jewellery destination in the region. Ornamented with Italian marble flooring, silver furnishing, meticulously carved marbletemple, intricate hi-end chandeliers and golden foil-painted ceiling, it is a jewellery shopper’s delight. Also, other key inclusions out of many include an XRF analyzer and valet parking service to accentuate the marquee of hospitality for its customers.

AS Motiwala Fine Jewellery, Mumbai

AS Motiwala Fine Jewellery, Mumbai

A S Motiwala Fine Jewellery today is a brand for people who have an eye for priceless jewellery with exceptional quality. They are the pioneers in being the first ones to deal in the trade of Basra Pearls and Diamonds with foreign buyers in the 19th Century. Hence the family name, ‘Motiwala’ came into existence. They have had the luxury of presenting their esteemed jewels to a very prestigious clientele, from the Royal families to celebrities and industrialists.

A S Motiwala’s new store at Hill Road, Bandra breaks away from the tested grind of the jewellery market huddled up at Turner Road. The new store has been conceptualized keeping the need to instill immaculate and never seen before customer service in the industry that sees a deficiency of the same. Providing customer privacy and a uniquely extravagant experience to each and every customer that graces the store has become the fundamental driving agenda for A S Motiwala at their new store.

Anand Shah by Golden Jewells, Surat

Around for one & half years and already a hit in the city of Surat and around, Golden Jewells is Anand Shah Franchisee owned by Dipak Vaghani. Theirs is a story of faith and exuberance, both. Dipak Vaghani would stock up on Anand Shah’s exuberant jewellery in his store. Handmade pieces, exquisitely designed and crafted with perfection, these pieces would fly off the shelf. And that is when Dipak Vaghani, an astute businessman and a true appreciator of art decided to set up a franchise retail store, with Anand Shah’s exclusive jewellery.

Focusing on modern brides and constantly evolving aesthetics of the Indian women, the store has fusion jewellery that appeals to everyone. The three-level boutique only focuses on couture bridal jewellery designed by India’s ace gold jewellery designer, Anand Shah. The tastefully done up ‘by-appointment only’ Anand Shah Boutique, one of its kind in the city, caters to a maximum of four clients a day.

The jewellery shopping experience includes proper ambience, sales etiquette and making the client feel special. For ambience, they got the best of interior designers to lend an air of luxurious glamour. The well up holstered sofas, centre tables, the lighting, wall murals, and jewellery mountings – are all in sync with the jewellery that is showcased in vitrines as well as displayed on mannequins.

Narayan Jewellers, Vadodara

Founded by Mr. Ambalal Chaturbhai Chokshi in 1940, and led by the passion of the third generation - Ketan Chokshi and Jatin Chokshi, Narayan Jewellers launched a plush 3500 sq. ft. store in the year 2012. Further taking ahead their 77-year heritage, Narayan Jewellers by Ketan and Jatin Chokshi expanded their flagship store in 2017. Keeping in sync with the brand colours, the newly expanded 5200 sq ft store is divided into two zones, featuring interiors conceived by renowned and experienced international architects. Wood paneling, Italian flooring, glass displays trimmed in rose gold and a custom chandelier welcomes the customer. Ground floor presents an extensive collection of gold jewellery. There is an elevator and a staircase, which takes the clients to a mystical 1st floor boasting of high-end bridal and cocktail jewellery along with a dedicated Forevermark Zone.

First Floor has an eye-catching chandelier right in centre with two regal chairs making for a statement entrance. Even the design of the access staircase to first floor wasn’t forgotten.

Narayan Jewellers design heritage that has sparkled in their most beautiful jewels is also reflected in the store environment of mesmerizing décor of accents of sapele wood panels, mother of pearl inlay furniture, 100% Italian flooring with Mozart vitrified tiles and wall units composing of vitrines and rose gold trimmed frames. One round counter glass display is installed to showcase the exquisite pieces. The platform above the counter is graced with an elegant crystal chandelier and the furniture has been specially customized from Casmir and Chopard. Narayan’s logo is incorporated in the design scheme in various ways. Seating in soft hues is designed for maximum comfort. Textiles are selected for their expressive quality.

Ganjam, Bangalore

Dass Jewellers, Nagpur

Dass Jewellers is a name synonymous with jewellery in the city of Nagpur. Dass Jewellers has many firsts to its name like introducing 22/22 KDM jewellery in 1997, the Karatmeter in 2003, Platinum Jewellery for Men in 2010 and Signature Jewellery “Sacheen Vastani” in 2016.

The area of the showroom is 6000 Sq.Ft., divided over two levels, with a double height space of 25 feet forming an impressive entrance lobby. The ground floor follows a language of straight lines and interesting angular patterns. The display is niches of varying sizes, helping in highlighting individual pieces of jewellery. The colour and material palette helps to enhance the spaciousness of the layout. The first floor is in sharp contrast to the more structured lines of the ground floor. It is fluid and monochromatic and the liberal use of concrete for the floor and back display was an experiment which has paid off beautifully. The experimentation is not only limited to design, but also extends to the use of non-typical ensures good visibility from the road and marks the store’s presence on the street very distinctly. The ground floor with its straight lines and angular counters is in contrast to the malleability of the gold it displays. The false ceiling and overhead lights are in sync with the counters creating an interesting composition of lines, angles and corners. The first floor is free flowing and monochromatic, almost as if the concrete followed an organic path of its own and again defies the straight, rigid lines of the diamonds it houses. The lighting too flows from warm white to yellow, loyal to the wares it highlights.

Kirtilal Kalidas Jewellers, Tirupur

The store began its operation in Tirupur – the textile city during the year 2016. On the shopping experience part, which has off late become a major influencer for retail buying, the Tirupur store dons a completely artistically done lounge ambience of international standards, which becomes the USP of the brand. Not many retailers have a customization factor to attend tailor made request of their clients. Brand Kirtilals forayed into its own in-house manufacturing facility making this a USP for the clients to walk-in and walk away with their choice of jewellery in their set budgets

The façade has been done in a subtle but effective manner to ensure eyes move towards the store whenever people pass by. Further, “window shopping instigates customers to walk-in to the store” formula was applied to the Tirupur store, wherein they have a mood window measuring 10ft by 10ft by 5ft. The results of the said idea has really worked wonders for the brand in adding up additional footfalls which happens to be a major cause for concern in the Retail Industry.

High-end jewellery buying factor demands private space. Keeping this requirement of their valuable clients and after major brain storming on the possible ways to attend this query, the brand finally landed-up making cozy private cabins into the retail floor to ensure least disturbance to them while doing their shopping. Additionally, mood windows were also created in the store walls for breaking the monotony of the general linear displays.

Diyaash, Hyderabad

Diyaash is a contemporary collection of exquisitejewellery pieces inspired by the art work of famous craftsmen from around the world. This exquisite –designer jewellery boutique is renowned for offering elegant and classy creations. With passing time it has positioned itself as an innovative jewellery maker with a knack for Avant-Garde concepts. The store is designed to look like a Luxury Diamond Jewelry Boutique outlet both as exterior and interior. The store not only has jewellery on display but has two separate lounges on the first floor: bridal lounge & solitaire lounge, giving customers the privacy to select from the impressive range of beautiful jewellery pieces. The store is designed in such a way that it charms & wows the passerby not just during daylight but especially during night.

Ganjam, Bangalore

Ganjam’s flagship store is among the first few jewellery stores in India to adopt a high street concept, changing people’s perception of jewellery from commodity to a hand crafted object of desire. The space is designed to showcase their portfolio with special attention to individual pieces. Umesh Ganjam shared various aspects that are intrinsic to Ganjam’s history, the Heritage of the brand, the core of their thinking and their aspiration as a brand for the future.

The exterior of the store evokes the sense of the heritage of the over a century old Ganjam Brand. The use of lime stone for the façade and the imposing entrance draw its inspiration from our roots in Hampi, the wonderful stone landscape and its identifiable step-wells. The interior of the store is an extension of the exterior. The stones seamlessly extend into the walls and the flooring of the interior. The interior spaces are carved out based on the plan of the ‘Vastu Purusha Mandala’ which is also the basis of South Indian Temple Architecture. The contemporary rendition of the Banyan aerial roots in teak, evoke a sense of deep rootedness. The use of indigenous rosewood for the furniture establishes our connection, to the South of India. The carpets were specially hand tufted in over 20-25 colours each, to emulate abstracted peacock feathers. Indian silk is used to panel the walls and for the upholstery. Brushed metal and glass are used to create showcases to highlight the Ganjam products. Wall mounted showcases in the retail area highlight suites of products or individual products drawing attention to each piece of jewellery showcased. The Gallery on the ground floor and the first floor has free standing showcases that are specially designed with glass on all four sides to almost create the effect of floating products. Specially designed lighting, the perfect mix between cool and warm lighting accentuates the detailing in the products inside the showcases. The ambient lighting in the store is kept low to allow the jewels in the showcases to take centre-stage.

Kiora Amorez, Calicut

Kiora Amorez, Calicut

Starting its first retail gallery in Calicut, KIORA AMOREZ is an iconic jewellery lounge of finely crafted exclusive diamonds and precious stones, handpicked and curated from all over the world. Their USP apart from the unique designs is their services to cater to every jewellery need of the customer: Bespoke designs, Customization, Repair, Remodeling and Restorations are a few of the services they provide to customers. There is an open workshop inside the store where customers can observe skilled artisans crafting high designer jewellery which makes the shopping experience of every customer more lively and real.

The KIORA AMOREZ boutique is characterized by extremely elegant design divided into three distinct sections - a showroom, a lounge and a private viewing area. A striking gold interior is complemented with natural stone flooring, wooden ceiling, opulent wall panels, ambient lighting, bespoke furniture and other decorative elements that overall flaunt a superiority of taste.

The frontage on the ground along with the wooden staircase is illuminated with glowing backlit display that will change out seasonally for promotions. Sight lights throughout the space encourage visitors to easily wander from area to area. Kiora Amorez’s taste for art is expressed by the presence of important art installations that combine harmoniously to reflect the ethos of a museum where arts, crafts and design intersect. The store facade is a blend of classical and modern elements to bring in statement of luxury. The tone is kept thoughtfully subtle to match with the street’s architectural fabric.

Sohna by Sawansukha, Kolkata

Sawansukha Jewellers with a rich heritage and royal history of 250 years added yet another star into its journey. Sohna by Sawansukha; an all gold jewellery showroom spanning on a 6000 sq feet area is the new addition to the family. Sohna comes with a perspective of best in class designer jewellery. The store is divided into two segments- Au- courant (contemporary) and Salaam-e- Tradition (bridal). The idea behind the bridal segment was to give brides the right kind of attention and pampering. The decor has been hence done keeping in mind the aesthetics involved with Indian wedding. Whereas the contemporary segment is for the ones who love to live fashionably. The store was designed keeping in mind the importance of gold in people’s lives. Gold, white and navy blue were the chosen colours for the store as each colour has its own significance namely, compassion, purity and loyalty. The lotus shaped lights were selected as it is the purest and most sacred flower. Sohna gives the due respect to the womanhood who has the power to create, nurture and transform. The reception area that has 12 faces of Goddess Durga highlights the importance we have given to woman power. The passage has display of frames that marvelously exhibits the varied emotions of woman.

Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers, Jamshedpur

Keshavji Chhaganlal has been in operation since 1925 and is engaged in retailing of silver, gold and diamond jewellery. The ever-encouraging support of their esteemed customers has promoted their growth from 300 sq feet store to a current 5000 sq feet store exclusive for jewellery. The exterior design of their show-room reflects the interiors and stands out compared to other competitors. They have a very polished and balanced elevation which complements the size of their showroom. The brand has refrained from using the typical red and golden colour palate and has used a classy combination of beige and shadow lighting which gives the exterior a very futuristic look during day and night. The interiors are divided into two. The gold jewellery section has a sophisticated brown and light gold combination to complement gold jewellery.

The diamond jewellery section is white, silver and black to complement diamonds. The counters have ample display space and the store has comfortable chairs and couches in each section in similar colours. They display the gold rates on electronic boards for the customers and have led TVs with videos of jewellery fashion shows and brands to inspire their customers. They also have a studio section for bridal jewellery customers to offer them comfort.

KK Jewels, Ahmedabad

KK Jewels, Ahmedabad

KK Jewels is the brain child of first generation jewellery visualizer Kailash Kabra. His fascination with precious stones and antique ornaments led him to establish the KK Jewels store. The brand is especially inspired by the Indian heritage of intricate design. This inspiration is reflected in the jewellery they create which has an antique jadau influence. This design influence extends to the interiors of the store where traditional wooden carvings and fabrics, wallpapers and brass inlays have been used to recreate the glamour of the bygone era. The lighting at the store too is a reflection of the vintage design aesthetic. They have a magnificent bridal lounge where the bride’s and the groom’s family can sit together and browse through their jewellery collection. The interiors are absolutely glamorous and spacious with a vintage aesthetic. The bridal lounge is an exclusive area where not everybody is allowed to visit. The front façade of KK Jewels store has a very majestic look to it. Traditional stones from Jaisalmer have been used to create a regal effect. Along with jewellery, the store also has hand painted pictures of jewellery on display which reflect the history of jewellery and ornament making.

Chosen by Tejpal Ranka, Pune

At Chosen, every piece is made with exclusive, highengineered diamonds. Each design is treated with sensitive care guaranteeing timeless, exquisite, dainty jewellery. Gold jewellery at Chosen is contemporary, classic, and forever. Chosen is more than just about buying fine jewellery. The ambience at Chosen transports the visitor from the ordinary to the enchanted. Chosen brings the finest jewellery buying experience with the perfect ambience to set the tone for an experience like none other.

The luxury lounge area will leave you spellbound with it’s up to date technological systems, while the intricate designs will take your breath away. Rotating lights in display counter where the light colour can be changed through a mobile app is a feature that no other store has. The doors are accessible by smart cards and glass rollers can be accessed through an iPad. Smart lights have been used in the whole lounge that again can be accessed through an iPad. Special mood lightings have been setup for different spaces.

Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers, Lucknow

Started in 1893 with the father son duo, Harsahaimal Shiamlal, began as a small traditional shop in a remote town in Uttar Pradesh – Badaun. The brand has grown ever since, undergoing various uplifting changes in its identity and operations. Every element in this retail space is detailed as a piece of jewellery. Each display section has been designed according to the product range. These individualistic display systems ensure each jewel stands out while getting its own space to celebrate the craftsmanship of the deluxe products. Even the lighting spectrum is customised to enhance the product range in respective zones. Plush furniture and chandeliers have been detailed to look like installations that reflect the essence of the exhibits.

The colour palette eloquently binds these elements while niftily complementing and enhancing the displayed products. The tonal variations are softened with neutrals like charcoal and deep brown to create highly articulate spaces.

The boutique gold section sees a predominant use of hues of reds. A 40’ by 40’ hand painted ceiling lends a theatrical touch to an otherwise silent space. Each ornate display frame is designed to look like an antique maestro painting, adding to the opulence of the jewellery.

The daily wear gold section follows a simpler colour scheme of white and gold with the reception feature wall inspired by pearls. The diamond section uses hues of blue. The semi-precious stone counters along with the bull’s eye arch display and white origami floral displays convert each product into a work of exhibit. The silver section in hues of purple, is designed in a minimallanguage to accommodate the mass and chunkiness of silverware while enriching the whole retail experience. Built as an introverted vault, the solid sandstone exterior makes a bold statement with an elegant surface detailing in gold steel. The entrance is marked by a delicately detailed30 feet high glass door, allowing a glimpse inside to generate curiosity. It opens into a reception area with a customised elliptical red glass elevator wrapped by spiral staircase as an iconic centre piece.

DP Abhushan, Indore

DP Jewellers is a trusted name in jewellery retail since 1940. DP Jewellers was founded by Late Shri Dulchandji Kataria and is now being run by the third generation of this enterprising family. Since the launch of this store was to initiate and coincide with the brand re-launch as well as the corporatization of the company by taking it to the public, the store had to make an impact in the retail landscape of Indore and the country in general. No effort has been spared in the set up of this store. A combination of beige and white marble gives a subtle contrast, keeping the space uncluttered and bright. The imaginative use of oak wood and veneer along with fabric paneling gives a sense of balance to the store. The spacious layout takes care of the heavy traffic the brand experiences. The store has special lounges for high-end retailing giving the customers a premium experience. Touch screens have been put to use innovatively enabling customers to browse through products. The store emphasizes on scientific use of lighting ensuring the products stand out with correct colour rendering. The exterior has innovative use of specially manufactured double glazing with a specially imported semi-transparent fabric sandwiched in between. The façade lights up from behind the glazing to create a different look at night.

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