From Passion to Profession

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01 November 2018 2:34 PM
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Passion and profession are seldom found together. But fine jewellery designer Varda Goenka is a gifted artist who has turned her passion into a successful profession. By Kavita Parab

Rare are the people whose passion and profession are the same. Varda Goenka designed jewellery for herself, not aware of the fact that one day it would become her full time vocation. As you speak to her you realize that though she belonged to a business family, she was destined for jewellery industry. Talking about it, Varda says, “I have always liked designing jewellery and that’s the reason I ventured into jewellery industry and by fluke I belong to an business family.” She further added, “As I mentioned, I always loved designing my own jewellery. In those days, Kolkata had a lot of karigars but the design element was missing. So I made 10-15 earrings and showcased it to my friends and relatives and soon I was sold out. Since then I never looked back.” Hailing from the famed

Hailing from the famed Jhunjhunwala industrial family of Faizabad, she is a gold medallist inB.SC with an MBA and a diamond graduate from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America. She is an entrepreneur par excellence and a meritorious artist.

Establishing the brand

Varda Goenka - Fine Jewels by Diagold, a diamond jewellery brand, was born at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000. With a humble beginning as a small boutique store, the brand expanded their luxury goods portfolio bringing the Kolkata market a boutique that showcases exquisite fine jewellery. Located at Kolkata City Center 1, it was further successfully expanded to Mumbai. Spread across select metro cities in India, the brand currently has four stores at strategic malls/locations of the nation. The brand also has presence in London.

Over the years, Diagold has evolved as a brand that customizes masterpieces marked with innovative prowess and inculcation of distinctive designs that forms the essence of their signature creations.

The brand is known for its custom made master pieces in innovative and unique designs. Talking about the design philosophy and motto of the brand, Varda says, “At Diagold, design and service are held high and are considered very important. Every woman deserves to look good and wear jewellery from Diagold.”

As she is one of the few successful women in the jewellery industry, I couldn’t stop myself from asking about her experience in the male-dominated Indian gems and jewellery industry. Talking about it, Varda says, “It’s true that this industry is dominated by men and reaching out to the right suppliers used to get difficult. But apart from that, I didn’t face any discrimination or problems. I was always treated with respect.”

The Jewellery

The brand has become synonymous all the way through the years with trendy designs, quality products and exemplary service. The Collections are conceived and created with a passion for offering the finest jewellery in a wide variety of styles and gemstones and also precious kaleidoscopic stones, to meet the clientele’s tastes and expectations. Each piece is crafted with utmost dedication, passion and attention-to-detail. Equipped with the latest designs, the merchandise is imbued with artistic quality pieces that offer exquisite and extensive choices in diamond sets and gold jewellery which includes rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, chandelier earrings and an array of necklace sets. Solitaires too have found a loyal following from the clientele.

So where does inspiration come from? “I like to travel to places which are inspired by nature. I also travel to old masters to get inspiration from them about the different arts of jewellery,” says Varda.

As she earlier mentioned that every woman deserves to wear jewellery, her inspiration too is a woman who multitasks. Talking about the kind of women who wear her jewellery, Varda says, “Today’s modern women who have a career or is a housewife with multifaceted personality wears Diagold jewellery.” When asked about her advise for young designers, “I think hard work and perseverance always pays off. So give your best in what you do,” says Varda.

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