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01 February 2019 11:54 AM
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Anjali Bhimrajka’s jewellery exudes an air of quiet luxury; She is known for her meticulous craftsmanship that appeals to both traditional and modern sensibilities says Kavita Parab

An all-rounder in every aspect, Anjali Bhimrajka holds a Ph.D. and her work with the International Convention of Alternative Medicine has received several accolades. Furthermore, she holds a second-degree black belt in martial arts. But despite these achievements, her desire to explore her creativity in the craft of jewellery-making led her to graduate from the Gemological Institute of America. Anjali Bhimrajka Fine Jewels is the most sought after jewellery house for bespoke jewellery. In this interview, Anjali shares details about her journey as a jewellery designer, her inspiration, collections et al.

What is your earliest recollection of being around jewellery?

I may have started my eponymous label twelve years ago but I have nurtured my love for jewellery ever since I was a child. As a girl of 12, I’d often help my maternal grandmother, the matriarch of Raipur’s affluent Rai Sahab family, organise her ancestral jewellery collection. If not, I’d sketch one of those vintage pieces and interpret them differently. An inspiration that now manifests whenever I am creating designs for my clients.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Everything around me inspires me be it nature, architecture or abstract forms of things in the environment.

What is the style sensibility of your wearer?

A woman who is aquintessentially modern yet has all the subtle nuances of the old, inner beauty and an unflinching grace that reflects on her jewellery.If I have to recommend jewellery to an Indian modern woman then it would certainly be a mix of modern classic and minimalistic yet unique with some bold elements.

Tell us a little about your recent collection.

Imperial European architecture has always inspired me and it is the main influence for my new collection. It captures the old world charm along with the essence of modern wisdom. Our collection comprises of delicate lattices to give the bride an ethereal look. Each piece, delicately crafted, is made of pearls with diamonds, emeralds with rosecuts, and rubies with pink diamonds.

What according to you is your most unique creation?

We have acquired a unique pair of old mine 40-carat faceted uncut diamonds, which have been used in a pair of beautiful long ear pendants combined with natural fancy pink diamonds, diamond briolettes and an unusual kite shaped rose cut diamond borders.

What metal and gemstone do you like to work with?

Necklaces encrusted with coloured diamonds set in minimum amount of gold are the most fascinating for me. These pieces must have an ethereal appeal, as they portray an illusion of being suspended in air. I have an affinity for classic heritage pieces with iconic gemstones like pigeons blood rubies, Columbian emeralds, Kashmir sapphires, Basra pearls and large uncut diamonds and workmanship that pays homage to the Nizam Era.

You are intrigued by.. How large diamond roughs are cut and polished into brilliant unique diamonds never ceases to amaze me!

Your advice to aspiring designers.. Simplicity is the mark of true genius. Be true to yourself. Be confident about your own design ideas.

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