Ghanasingh Be True Celebrates its 112th Anniversary with a Limited Edition Collection "Dream Catchers"

“An exceptional collection with path breaking patterns in the history of the BE TRUE label”
: IJ News Service
26 July 2016 12:00 PM
Reference: 7107

Being a leading jeweller since 112 years, iconic fine jewellery label Ghanasingh BE TRUE has created a niche with its bequest of finely crafted bespoke pieces. For the first time in its legacy the brand has curated a highly splendid and distinguished Anniversary Collection "Dream Catchers" this August. The anniversary collection encapsulates the elegance of unusual and eclectic silhouettes with a varied mix of one of a kind statement pieces. Dream Catchers is a promising amalgamation of flamboyant cuts and meticulous designs. Breaking the monotony of traditional motifs, the pieces come alive, inspired from various walks of life and depicts everyday characters in an unconventional way. With something for every woman the riveting line merges stylish concepts – bringing a whimsical note of brilliance to every single piece. Helmed by Krishaa and Gautam Ghanasingh, the label has become the favourite jewellers of the city’s elite with their roster of loyals that understands and appreciates luxury at its finest. Gautam's muse for this collection is today's new-age woman, with a daring attitude exuding elegance and panache. Always in the pursuit of excellence, Gautam has transformed the jewellery label into an icon. The brand promises to etch a glorious chapter in the pages of India’s bejewelled history. Says Gautam Ghanasingh “Ghanasingh Be True is celebrating 112 years of artistry in jewellery. The hues of vibrant gemstones inspired us to create a truly stylish, distinctive collection and commemorate a legacy of undying passion in the arena of jewellery design. The collection appeals to the independent woman who is fearless in her attitude. She strongly believes that her life is bountiful and lives each moment in its splendour. Bold, brazen yet so desirable with an untamed signature style of her own!"

Kingdom Of Dreams By Ghanasingh Be True

The Collection: The Kingdom Of Dreams earrings depict a beautiful story, of a stage show with puppets representing the love tale between a princess and a prince. It is inspired by the idea of how we forget the small things that could bring a smile on our faces, in our fast paced lives, like a puppet show reminiscing our childhood. This intricate jewellery piece has been finely handcrafted and gives a magical and out of the box look. Crafted with Burmese rubies, pink tourmalines, iolites and south sea pearl, the earrings are set in 18K gold.

Hues of Freshness by Ghanasingh Be True

The Hues of Freshness, a trendsetting hand cuff is encrusted with multi-coloured gemstones in bright hues of golden topaz, shades of pink tourmaline, royal alexandrite and bright Tsavorites which are placed in an unusual setting giving it a 3D look. Each coloured gemstone is individually shaped and carved into sockets with the perfect balance of the colours used. The flexible bracelet is made with ingenious craftsmanship to perfectly mould onto your hand. It is shaped in a way to cover the hand along with the thumb giving it a magnificent statement look.

Mischief Maker Earring by Ghanasingh Be True

The Mischief Maker earrings are inspired by the Chinese Calendar - The Year Of Monkey. The earrings cater to the modish and independent new age woman, who knows her mind and is not afraid to experiment and create a distinct style statement. The 3D monkey, hand crafted with champagne tourmalines and sparkling round diamonds; sits well on the bed of leaves textured in antique gold along with an enamelled polish; projects a rustic forest look. The use of the dangling Burmese ruby, gives the jewellery piece a distinctive pop of colour.

Scintillating Glitterati by Ghanasingh Be True

The Scintillating Glitterati, is a pair of chandelier earrings, with transparent bubbles, made from a special selection of sparkling round dancing diamonds covered in mesh crafted in 18 kt blush gold. Light being a source of inspiration is brilliantly depicted through a pair of dangling earrings which are designed using complex, high end and latest crafting techniques.

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