strikes a Rs. 1.62 crore sale of precious jewellery over WhatsApp

Jewellery was custom made suiting to the liking of the Mumbai-based bride using WhatsApp group.
: IJ News Service
01 August 2016 11:22 AM
Reference: 7150
Kapil Hetamsaria CEO and Co-Founder of VelvetCase, India’s largest online destination for jewellery provides custom-made services for clients who wish to design jewellery within their budget, style, and requirement. In one such order, VelvetCase made a landmark achievement by closing a sale of Rs. 1.62 crore on WhatsApp. This particular order was from a young bride in Mumbai, who came across VelvetCase while finding inspiration for her wedding jewellery. Post finalizing a couple of options, she got in touch with the customer care team at VelvetCase to take things further. The highly expert customer care team at VelvetCase then guided her to the in-house designer, who connected the bride and her family over a WhatsApp group. It was on WhatsApp that the bride was sent over 1000 product designs to understand her taste and preferences. Once she zeroed down on a design, the piece was custom-made to her liking, and VelvetCase was able to close a deal worth Rs. 1.62 crores. On achieving this milestone, Kapil Hetamsaria, CEO & Co-Founder, VelvetCase said, “Our design team is trained and dedicated to give the customer what they want. I am absolutely thrilled with this accomplishment, and it is indeed a moment to rejoice for all of us. We are looking forward to closing such deals in the future, where customer satisfaction though accessible mediums is the prime motive.”

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