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Monumental/Architecture Inspired Jewellery
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28 July 2016 5:09 PM
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Jewellery designers, artists find their inspirations in their surroundings. From flora and fauna to almost all the elements that make earth, have found their reflection in various arts. Though nature is the most obvious choice of a number of jewellery designers, some of them have been daring enough to make the structures/monuments/architecture as their inspiration i.e. one art meets the other. Kavita Parab brings you some of the beautiful intersections from around the world. Autore
The Autore Metropolitan collection explores the intricate structures of the contemporary world, combining the beauty of history with the magnificence of modernity to create timeless and luxurious jewellery pieces. This collection was launched during Baselworld 2016. All of the jewellery in Metropolitan takes its inspiration from buildings, which are known to represent their city, nation like New York Chrysler Buildings, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal etc. Polina Sapouna-Ellis
Polina Sapouna-Ellis presented her New Tethrippon Collection in Baselworld 2016. Tethrippon Collection is inspired by an amazing sculpture of Classical period in the Museum of Acropolis. Polina’s individually handcrafted jewellery is mostly inspired by the austere simplicity of the Doric style and the geometric motifs of ancient Greek art.It evokes ancient pieces, yet encompasses both modern and futuristic elements, forming her unique and authentic signature. Georg Jensen & Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid's long-awaited jewellery collection for Georg Jensen was previewing exclusively at Baselworld 2016. In one of her last completed projects, globally renowned architect and designer Zaha Hadid collaborated with Georg Jensen on a collection of sculptural, sensually expressive rings and cuff bangles. Each is created in both sterling silver and black rhodium plated set with black diamonds.The styles in the Zaha Hadid Collection are distinctive and innovative, yet also timeless, and introduce a new way of thinking about jewellery and design.

Wallace Chan
Wallace Chan is a Hong Kong-based artisan jeweller. He is known for creating intricate designs within carved gemstones. A child is seen upon an open book. His eyes are half closed. He is daydreaming about years long ago. Sculpture: Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire Baby’s Perspective: With pure eyes a baby observes and feels the magic of life. Curiosity motivates and Mother Nature inspires. As a child, he humbly learns from magical mentors of the world. Courtesy: Wallace Chan Tanishq
Taj by Tanishq is a tribute to craftsmanship wrought in gold, diamonds and precious stones. It is an ode to spirit, skill and soul that went behind intricate jali work, engraved marble, mosaic panels, exquisite calligraphy and perfect symmetry of the Taj Mahal. Courtesy:
Tanishq Temple Jewellery
In this, each piece pays tribute to artistry of Indian temples. Though the face or figure of the deity is the highlight of the collection, some of the pieces also take inspiration from the architectural designs on the walls and dome of the temples. Ghansingh Be True
Ghanasingh BE TRUE recently presented their latest, travel inspired collection, with Gautam & Krishaa Ghanasingh’s recent sojourns within India. Gautam Ghanasingh’s visits to various cities like Hyderabad, Kashmir, Agra, Amritsar, Udaipur, Lucknow etc.; the culture, architecture and art of the most magnificent marvels have been incorporated into the jewellery pieces. The collection is a fine blend of contemporary and heritage. According to Gautam, travel refreshes and imparts new vigour to the mind, infusing new perspective which drives him to curate exuberant bespoke pieces.

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