26 July 2016
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Jan 21 2011 12:49PM
Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers
Keeping up with the Times
By: Diamond World News Service
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Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas, founder of the 100 year old enterprise and the one who set up the original store in Jaipur’s Johari Bazaar was a man of vision and creativity. Though he had several pursuits prior to entering the jewellery trade, it was in this business that his many talents found full expression. Later generations, imbued with the same outlook and passion for beauty and creativity, have kept intact the basic spirit of innovation and technical excellence of the company, while remodeling itself and its products to cater to the consumer of the current times.

For decades, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas, or BG Jewellers as it is called by those in the know, has crafted classical jewellery and has earned for itself the reputation of being a luxury jeweller. It was patronised by royalty for over five decades. But from the very beginning, it conducted its business from its Johari Bazaar outlet. A few years back, the new modern India, with its new consumer, and the burgeoning business which had expanded much beyond what the confines of the outlet could contain, led the people behind BG, Nawalkishore Agarwal and his son Yash, to consider shifting to a new showroom, from the old shop. “We had no space to expand,” explains Yash Agarwal, Creative Head of the jewellery house “Also keeping in mind our clientele, we felt we needed a new modern showroom.”

The hunt for a site befitting its ambitions on MI Road, the arterial causeway of Jaipur. Rakesh Gandhi, architect and interior designer was chosen to design the 4000 sq ft plus showroom. The aim was to create a modern, contemporary and upscale showroom. Accordingly the space was carved out with an idea of giving a spacious and gracious feel. Mezzanine areas with elegant staircases leading up allowed for the lower floor to be kept clutter free. The use of a lot of glass again emphasises the open, airy spacious look and feel of the interiors of the showroom.

“Beige and brown are the theme colours we have used which are warm colours,” explains Yash. Covered with a dark veneer, the pillars have a wooden appearance. The flooring is of beige and brown tiger onyx. The interiors exude a look of classic elegance. “The idea was to impart a look of ultra modern luxuriousness,” says Yash. “We thought the setting should be modern and comfortable – not traditional – so that the consumer could feel the difference.”

Separate areas are carved out to house sections for various types of jewellery like jadau, gold jewellery, and diamond jewellery, for ease of viewing.

For the lighting both halogen and LEDs were used for a combination of general illumination and object illumination. The soft general lighting emphasises the warm, undulating luxury of the showroom while object lighting helps focus on the niches and shelves with the jewellery display.

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