Inspired by fresh design trends and modern sensibilities, the collection instills flamboyance, timelessness and elegance. Set in 18k gold, the 9 to 9 collection features Ganjam ‘F’ colour diamonds with VVS clarity that sits perfectly on a bed of exquisite Thailand Sapphires and Mozambique Rubies.

With intricacy at its core, 9 to 9 makes wearing jewellery sophisticated, simple and exclusive, perfectly complimenting the dawn till dusk look. This multipurpose collection is subtle and perfectly defines the modern Indian Woman. 9 to 9 is a flawless range designed for women who are constantly on the run and find dressing up cumbersome.

This collection’s USP is to move over boundaries of time and can be adorned at any chosen time of the day. Shades of blue, red and rose gold brings to life the journey of 9 to 9, along with diamonds that sparkle through the contemporary designs and a promise to become the showstopper wherever you go.