SWAROVSKI brand partners showcase timeless appeal of Swarovski Zirconia at GJIIF- Chennai

Capturing the trends of upcoming season Swarovski’s brand partners launch gold Jewellery collection with Swarovski Zirconia 

Post By : IJ News Service On 23 April 2019 10:24 AM

The Gem & Jewellery India International Fair (GJIIF) is a mega one-stop B2B jewellery trade show at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai during 20 - 22 April 2019. This platform allows the domestic and the global gem & jewellery sector an excellent business opportunity to explore various multi-faceted aspects of the Industry. Chief Guest for the event was Ms. Jittima Nakamano- Council Commercial Director of Thai Trade Center in presence of Mr. Anantha Padmanaban, Mr. Jayantilal Challani and Mr. A.S. Sriram along with several trade leaders and the entire Jewellery fraternity of India.

The Amalgamation of Indian Jewellery Industry under one roof, is jointly organized by Tamil Nadu Jewellers Federation, All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council and Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants Association in “The Gateway of South India” - Chennai. The first edition of Gem & Jewellery India International Fair was organized in September 2018 to realize a long-standing wish to make Chennai as jewellery sourcing hub for South India and to get together of Indian jewellery fraternities for sharing each other’s experience, disseminate latest market updates and enhancing their business skills. With a humble beginning GJIIF 2019 has now grown to become the largest exclusive B2B jewellery tradeshow for South India covering over 25 cities and10 states, GJIIF 2019 has become the platform for jewellery sourcing in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and International buyers from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore & Malaysia. Capturing the trends of the upcoming season Swarovski brand partners launched jewellery collections studded with Swarovski Zirconia: AMY export & Import launched Swaranjali & Mesh collection in gold with Swarovski Zirconia: The Chief Guest for the launch was Mr. Ananth Padmanaban- GJC Chairman, Mr. Rajendra Jain – MD. Swarovski Gemstones, India and Mr. Sachu Rassak – MD, Amy along with important & respected delegates of Jewellery fraternity were present with the entire team of Amy. Presenting the all new “Swaranjali Collection” We have used the concept of bygone era to design a contemporary jewellery collection. We have used Tabla, Veena and musical symbol along with Mohiniyattam dance in this collection. We used pure brilliance Swarovski Zirconia along with 22 carat gold in this in this collection.

The collection will surely remind you the bygone era of India. “Mesh Collection” inspired by Italian mesh texture. In the house of Amy we have a huge variety of our new and innovative Mesh Collection. We have used the modern Italian mesh texture into this jewellery collection to give it a fresh new look. The whole collection is studded with pure brilliance Swarovski Zirconia along with 22 carat gold. The whole pendant sets come in an average gold weight of 10 grams.

YUG by Tanvi Gold Cast launched Men’s jewellery in gold embellished with Swarovski Zirconia: Yug showcases exclusive men’s jewellery which describes elegant high class and superiority itself in it with Swarovski Zirconia. The Chief Guest for the launch was Mr. Ananth Padmanaban- GJC Chairman, Mr. Rajendra Jain- MD. Swarovski Gemstones, India and Mr. Bippin Viradiya- Founder & Director of Tanvi Gold Cast along with respected Jewellery leaders & entire fraternity of India.

ELANZAA by VK Jewels launched a Next-Gen Jewellery designed for Young Generation gold Jewellery crafted with Swarovski Zirconia: The brand was launched by Mr. Jayanti Lal Challani – President of MJDMA, Mr. Rajendra Jain MD. Swarovski Gemstones and Mr. Hiren Kotak- Director, VK Jewels. Elanzaa is essentially luxury refined for new generation. This premium lightweight jewellery crafted with Swarovski Zirconia makes a breathtaking statement of class and magnificence. Its exquisite design and spellbinding finish are an ode superior craftsmanship.

Elanzaa features precisely made jewellery in contemporary and refreshing styles for everyday looks. It is available in yellow gold, rose gold, green gold and also combinations of all. Due to its lightweight nature, Elanzaa is perfect fit for a generation that is continuously on the move. Ideal for work wear, travel wear and everyday indulgence, Elanzaa is truly an epitome of minimalist luxury.

Other brand partners showcased new collections at the show: Emerald Jewel Industry showcased SITHARA collection in gold with Swarovski Zirconia: SITHARA is a synonym of morning star, the Venus, ‘Women are from Venus…’ Sithaara is a sign of love, kindness, sacrifice. As like the venus shines, the jewellery shines too, emitting love, kindness and beauty. On the Occasion Mr. K. Srinivasan- MD. Emerald Jewel Industry, Mrs. Shakthi Srinivasan- Joint MD. Emerald Jewel Industry, Mr. Rajendra Jain- MD. Swarovski Gemstones, India & Ms. Nishta Srinivasan-Director, Emerald Jewel Industry were present at the show.

RKR Gold showcased Pebble collection in gold with Swarovski Zirconia: Pebble Collection, the natural feel of a pebble and the royal look of Liquid cut Swarovski Zirconia like Jadau is the concept of the new collection. The subtle sparkle and the luster is the major highlight of the Pebble collections. We are very excited to have this collection this Akshaya Tritiya festive season, we are hoping for the best of feedbacks and responses from the market once the products hit the shelfs at GJIIF 2019 Chennai Show. On the occasion Mr. SV Sreenivasen-MD, RKR Gold, Mr. Rajendra Jain-MD. Swarovski Gemstones, India, Mr. Vishnu Sreenivasen-Director, RKR Gold, Mr. Krishna Sreenivasen, Director RKR Gold & Mr. Sri Hari, General Manager, RKR Gold.

The event was attended by the who’s who of the industry, bringing a fresh enthusiasm and setting a fantastic note ahead for the coming season. The show was successful and fruitful for all the exhibitors.

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