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Jewels inspired from Cities
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01 June 2019 11:43 AM
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Jewellers often seek inspiration from some of the world’s best cities. Preeta Agarwal curates some of the most inspired collections based on the charisma of a city Jewels inspired from Cities

A good designer is always on the hunt for innovative inspirations and most of the times it is the surroundings of a person that prove to be inspiring- places near your house, work space or even the city as a whole. Each city has its own complex dynamics, unique identity and an unmatched charm. That is why most designers are travellers at heart as they get to explore various cities to channelize their creativity in a new direction.

While some might be drawn to architectural patterns of a particular city, the flora and fauna might mesmerize others. The catalyst could be anything ranging from the landscapes, city life, people and even the essence of a city. What might click totally depends on the personality, thought process and the personal journey of the designer.

With this story we will look at four unusual jewellery collections where intangible characteristics of various global cities have been converted to tangible jewellery pieces.

New York’ by Harry Winston

Paying homage to the city that was home to the legendary jeweller Harry Winston and his eponymous brand for over 86 years the house built a new line of jewels celebrating the essence of this city that never sleeps. Instead of looking at the prominent architecture and common characteristics, the designer instead embarked on a crosstown journey exploring the various neighborhoods, nuances and landmarks that shaped Mr. Winston’s life.

The collection comprises of eight subcollections, with each celebrating a modern interpretation of the enduring legacy and symbiotic connection to the House’s roots. From the beautiful brownstones of the Upper West Side where Mr. Winston was born to the city lights of the society events and Broadway shows where he socialized with his wife, diamonds sparkle all the way through. From St. Patrick’s Cathedral, opposite to Harry Winston’s first location to 718 Fifth Avenue, their iconic flagship Salon, to marble marquetry, central park mosaic and even the bird eagle, each and every piece from the New York collection brings to life the journey of the visionary Mr. Winston and his brand. Along with the best quality diamonds, that the house is synonymous with, the New York collection also features some top quality emeralds, rubies, blue & yellow sapphires and turquoise.

Whispers from the Valley’ by Zoya

Over the years, the design team of Zoya has found inspirations in many global cities like Spain, Greece, Benaras, Egypt, Rajasthan and many more. The latest scenery that has found its place on their design studio mood boards is Kashmir. Drawing inspiration from this crown jewel of India, the design team at Zoya looks at the three seasons that this magical touristy spot witnesses- Autumn, Spring and Winter. Every season whispers a different story that is encapsulated in gold, diamonds and precious gemstones.

If Kashmir has to be depicted by one leaf, then that would be the iconic Chinar leaf and plays an important role in the autumn chapter. It is the blooming of the fruits and flowers, the apples and the tulips that make way for the spring in the valley. Chapter three is all about chilled winds, snow capped mountains and frozen pines that literally gleam like diamonds.

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Headshares, “Zoya is created for the discerning woman who values exceptional craftsmanship, unique design and fine quality. ‘Whispers from the Valley’ is inspired by the seasons of Kashmir, flawlessly depicting designs that go beyond the realms of the ordinary, creating pieces meant to be as cherished as the woman who wears them.”

Rome by Alessio Boschi

Alessio Boschi has been delighting the jewellery world with his exquisite and whimsical creations for over 20 years. A fiercely proud Roman, he divides his time between his home in the medieval village of Bagnoregio, Italy and Bangkok, Thailand, where his unique collections are meticulously crafted. With such great passion towards Rome, it was very natural for this historic city to be an integral part of his creations. His two Colosseum rings are a masterpiece each. The Imperial Colosseum ring showcases the original structure before the earthquakes, complete with the distinguished oval arena, amphitheater, intricate decorations and imperial symbols. The second ring depicts the Colosseum in its current state and has been minutely worked upon with elaborate details on the seating area, the pillar, chained tiger and prophetic quotes.

“All our jewels are three dimensional and fluid. A brooch transforms into a pendant. A ring opens a hidden chamber and reveals a necklace. A long chain detaches and becomes a multi-row bracelet. They are joyful expressions of colour with an element of surprise and endless possibilities. Whether it be on an impressive scale or in the minutiae, each creation is uncompromising in its quality and level of craftsmanship,” he adds.

Bombay Deco’ by Caratlane

“Mumbai is a city, Bombay is an emotion!” This simple yet meaningful quote about Mumbai summarizes so many emotions and memories in just a few words. Recently, the design team at Caratlane also took inspiration from this city of dreams and its structural forms, style, art, culture, and especially its famous Art Deco architecture.

Hosting over 100’s of buildings, Art Deco has found its presence in many iconic Bombay building and residences. It is these building that define South Mumbai’s soul and lends it a distinguished identity. An ode to this heritage is the ‘Bombay Deco’ collection by Caratlane, set in white, yellow and rose gold. Taking you back to the Bombay of 1930’s, when it was, steadily, growing from seven different islands to one opulent city where these significant straight lined and curved cornered symmetrical buildings were cropping up everywhere.

Where the four distinguished cinemas Regal, Liberty, Eros and Metro turn to edgy and modern ring and earrings, the symmetry of the Empress Court find its representation in a charming pendant necklace, the curvilinear balcony of Pai House has inspired a streamlined bangle while the captivating motifs along the entrance of the Bella Court are transformed into a beautiful pair of drop earrings.

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