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Surabhi Kasliwal Godha has a unique legacy and an illustrious lineage, which begins with Munshi Dhannalal Kasliwal ‘Fauzdar’, the man who gave the Surabhi Kasliwal Godha city its globally renowned title, ‘Pink City’

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SURABHI Fine Crafted Jewels is a brand known for its awe-inspiring designs with a deep sense of respect for the art and dedication that goes into crafting each masterpiece.

The brand was established by Surabhi Kasliwal Godha in 2011, along with a manufacturing and wholesale arm, ‘Vidita Jewels’. From manufacturing to wholesale and retail sales, exports and online sales, each aspect of this family-run business reflects the values and attributes

Contemporary, compelling and competitive

Surabhi’s designs are traditional and contemporary at the same time. The brand’s flagship store, located at the premiere heritage hotel of Jaipur, the majestic Narain Niwas Palace, has a vast assortment of designer masterpieces and collections including timeless jadau jewellery that displays the elegance of the regal Rajputana; dazzling diamond and precious coloured-stone accessories crafted for the modern day diva; beaded strings and jewels in contemporary, daily wear designs; Vintage Victorian and Edwardian pieces for those who prefer antiques; a unique jewellery collection for children; stylish jewels and accessories for men and a host of silver gifts and collectables.

The founder extraordinaire

Surabhi is an alumna of the renowned Jewellery Design and Technology Institute with over 15 years of design experience. She has previously worked with numerous international jewellery brands and therefore imbues each piece with her own unique sense of aesthetics as well as individualising custom pieces for her clients with a fine reflection of the wearer’s personality and style.

The talented designer ensures that ‘Every jewel in your collection should be as special as YOU.’ Customizing trousseau wedding collections and reinventing heirloom pieces in modern day avatars for a new and more contemporary look are her areas of expertise.

Currently, the designer is all set to create history by engaging in the restoration of her family heritage. The historic Lal Haveli, in Johri Bazaar (Jaipur’s oldest jewellery market) was acquired in the year 1871 by ‘Fauzdar’ Munshi Dhannalal Kasliwal from the Maharaja of Jaipur. It is said that ‘Fauzdar’ Dhannalal Kasliwal was why Jaipur came to be known as the Pink City.

Just before the royal visit of the Prince Edward (then, the Prince of Wales who later went on to become King Edward VII) to Jaipur, Munshi Dhannalal Kasliwal had ordered all houses in the city to be painted pink. Today, visitors from all over the world flock to get a glimpse of the unique culture of this ‘Pink City.’

It is in this historic ‘Lal Haveli’ that SURABHI Fine Crafted Jewels will open its second and premium store, in a luxury boutique hotel.

It was ‘Fauzdar’ Munshi Dhannalal ji’s descendants Sudhanshu Kasliwal and his wife Ritu Kasliwal love for their ancestral home that made them slowly acquire shares of the Haveli from all his cousins. After the tenants vacated, the restoration process began so that the Haveli doesn’t go to shambles. The duo wanted to give the Haveli back it’s old world charm, status & lineage. Surabhi was fully involved in the creative restoration process of their ancestral property as well with her full heart and soul. The entire process took around 10 years. The Johri Jaipur @ The Lal Haveli is a tribute to the visionary founder of the family and a beautiful new beginning for SURABHI Fine Crafted Jewels.

Dream project: Restoration of Lal Haveli

“The Lal Haveli is our ancestral home. It’s owned by my father Sudhanshu Kasliwal. It is around 200 years old. And was the tallest heritage building in the walled city of Jaipur,” Surabhi informs. It has taken almost ten long years to restore it to its current state.

Over the century, it was occupied by different tenants and therefore needed a lot of work. They have used original craftsmanship like lime, aaraish, etc. for the restoration, so as to give the Haveli its original look. They had to hire seasoned karigars who understood what was wanted of them and implemented

the procedures with great precision. After rounds of rigorous work, today the Haveli is restored to its original grandeur and has been converted into a plush boutique hotel, The Johri @ The Lal Haveli where Surabhi’s exclusive jewellery boutique is coming up.

Preview of the new showroom at Lal Haveli presided by His Highness Padmanabh Singh Maharaja of Jaipur who was presented a beautiful cufflink designed by Surabhi. (L-R) Surabhi Kasliwal Godha, Maharaja Padmanabh Singh, Sudhanshu Kasliwal, Ritu Kasliwal, Si

The idea behind restoring The Lal Haveli was to bring back the old charm it had when it was bought over by her Great Great Grand Father Shri Dhanna Lal ji Kasliwal Saheb.

This second store is created in an old classic Rajputana royal architectural style. It is replete with intricate jaali work, beautiful chandeliers, the colour scheme is exuberant. Its interiors complement the Haveli and promises to be a visual treat to everyone who visits the luxury boutique hotel.

The store will house only high end and exclusive jewellery pieces for men and women with a stunning range of gold, diamonds and real gemstones artefacts. The store opens on March 29, which happens to be herGrandfather Shri Ram Chandra ji Kasliwal Saheb’s birthday.

Connoisseurs of finesse

All outlets of SURABHI Fine Crafted Jewels cater to the best connoisseurs and buyers from all over the world, who know that it is here that they will get the masterpieces of their dreams. They all know that their search for excellence ends here. All of their clients have a classy design sense. They prefer statement pieces, a variety of wearable jewellery. The bridal jewellery which the talented designer displays is totally customised exactly in sync with clients taste and outfit.

Tracing the transition

In terms of aesthetics, design and price range, the demands of the market surely have a remarkable transition. The jewellery preference has evolved a lot in the last five years. Every client wants a unique piece and the challenge for the artisan is indeed multi- pronged. “We have to provide pieces, which are both contemporary, wearable and strike a balance between tradition and high fashion and is at the same time subtle and striking. Every passing day, it becomes more and more challenging and for a passionate designer this challenge offers immense work satisfaction and joy of creativity,” beams Surabhi. Government policies and economic pressures sometimes can become repressive, so as a design house one has to account for such pressures too. All in all, one has to strike the right balance between high creativity and sound business sense.


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