At Renu Oberoi Luxury jewellery, inspiration comes from sources as varied as travels to an exotic destination to one as closer to home. This New Year Renu, has derived an eclectic collection which is a wistful affection of old world charm.

This collection brings out the enigmatic serenity of the season illustrating the best of designs in scintillating colours eponymous to the scenic beauty all around this time.

Old world charm is eponymous to lucent shades and lambent hues and a never-ending love for colored jewellery which still exist in this era. Colors have always been more than just what they are. This exquisite range is beautifully designed to excellence and crafted to be transcendent with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, turquoise, aquamarine, etc.

A perfect amalgamation of radiant colors and artistic vision has created a magnificent range. Grand in appearance, yet intricately framed, this range is perfect for anyone who adores regal, princely designs and jewellery. Ideal for any occasion, making a statement of elegance and finesse anywhere!