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International Journal House (IJH) and Gem and Jewellery Information Centre (GJIC) comprising The Journal House Group (JH Group) are non-government bodies which are dedicated to the all-round development and advancement of the Gem and Jewellery Industry and Trade.

Over the years, it has been able to contribute substantially towards the growth and promotion of the gems sector world over, including India. Now, in August, 2010, the JH Group has launched a new magazine targeting specifically the jewellery industry of india, titled the Indian Jeweller (IJ)..

The rationale behind the launch of IJ is to develop a product that imparts information and knowledge to the designers, manufacturers, retailers and marketers of the jewellery industry. And so IJ came into being.

In the year 1963, late Shri Vidya Vinodji Kala started Asia’s first international Magazine from India - Journal of Gem Industry - and in 1973 he started Diamond World after seeing India’s progress in the diamond industry. Today, the group has under its umbrella, several annual publications: Diamond Handbook of India, Diamond Handbook of Surat and Mumbai Diamond Telephone directory under guidance and steward leadership of Mr Alok Kala..

In 2008, Arpit Kala, the third generation of the family joined the business, analyzed the current businesses and market situations and added an online diamond marketplace - www.diamondworld.net where the inventory of diamond dealers across the world is uploaded and buyers’ world over can benefit from it. It is a complete web portal which offers daily content in the form of news, photo and video uploads, updated with proper categorization. It has a weekly e-newsletter which goes to over 30,000 members of the gems and jewellery industry. He is working towards diversifying the portfolio of the company and leading it towards new horizons.

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