Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair to be held September 10th- 14th

The shows 64th edition will feature an Innovation Design Zone (IDZ) which will promote using new and inventive materials for jewellery manufacturing

: IJ News Service
14 May 2019 1:27 PM
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The Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair announced its 64th edition which will run from September 10th through 14th 2019. Visitors can expect a trendy display of jewellery featuring pearls and coral along with innovative new materials and approaches to metals. The show will also create a special Innovation and Design Zone (IDZ) showcasing the most creative and cutting edge products by Thai manufactures. This unique feature is an initiative spearheaded by Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) in order to support talented designers and business people in the international market place. “Emerging Thai designers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers, are aware of global trends in jewellery design, and each of the designers or entrepreneurs will adapt those trends to their pieces. And for brands it’s important to know about the trends and to keep their brand identity. Thus for Thai products you can find pieces that vary in terms of trends and you can find very unique pieces.” said Kornkamol Anekamai, director of the Thai Trade Center (TTC) in Milan.


The show aims to provide a platform for emerging trends in the jewellery industry such as pearl studded jewellery and coral encrusted designs. It also seeks to encourage use of new and innovative materials for jewellery manufacturing such as ebony, Bakelite, nautical cords, synthetic rubber and even bamboo mixed with precious stones and natural gemstones. The special Innovation and Design Zone (IDZ) will be divided into two zones. Zone 1 will feature a Special Exhibition: Innovation and Design Showcase, presenting more than 40 innovation and design products in six groups – Fine Jewelry, Form & Technique, Material, Research, Technology & Tools, and student projects from leading Thai universities. Zone 2 will be an Innovation and Design Bazaar in which around 12 brands will showcase their innovative products.

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