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Sunita Nahata Fine Design Jewelry
: IJ News Service
01 June 2019 3:08 PM
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Sunita Nahata’s jewellery is a riot of exquisite, handpicked gemstones with copious amounts of old world charm and unparalleled craftsmanship observes Vijetha Rangabashyam

Growing up in Jaipur in a family that has been cutting gemstones for decades drew Sunita Nahata closer towards jewellery. She was always inclined towards art, which lead her to painting on canvases and as she got involved gemstones as she always had an eye for rare and fine gems. “The idea of designing jewellery was inevitable once I got into the industry with my passion for art and being surrounded by beautiful gemstones helped create my destiny. At first I would design unique pieces for my family and friends and with all the positive feedback I received, I became more confident and pursued my career in designing fine jewellery to showcase at exhibitions,” says Sunita.

Hailing from Gem India Exports family, Sunita started off by marketing gemstones to fine jewellers in Hong Kong. In a short span of time she grew her business and started catering to jewellers in the U.S. as well which today is her key market. With her jewellery, Sunita tries to constantly push the boundaries. “My label is designed for the woman of today who is strong, independent, caring and is always trying to push boundaries, which is the spirit of my label as well.”

Recently, she launched two collections, Trendy and Timeless. With Trendy she has used a colour palette in sync with the current trends and the label’s expertise in cutting fine designer cut gemstones makes the pieces unique. These are trendy yet statement pieces which women can wear all day either while working or even for the evenings for a night out. Timeless-is all about very fine jewellery which is like a legacy to be passed on to generations. These designs are classic using rare gemstones and diamonds which are meant to be worn for that special occasion. But a piece of jewellery she fondly remembers is a pair of earrings, “My prized possession is an emerald earring, with very fine emeralds. The emeralds in these earrings were a rare find, gorgeous gems which are designed with diamond baguettes frame and crowned to enhance the colour and beauty of the gem.

Sunita is greatly inspired by the Art Deco of the quality and with more certifying labs people are more confident in investing in high end jewellery.” Sunita is in the process of creating a collection with Santa Maria Aquamarine, a deep blue semiprecious stone with a combination of Paraíba tourmaline and Alexandrites – again a rare stone less available in fine quality. The line is completely inspired by the soothing elements of Nature. Speaking of places that she draws inspiration from, Sunita says, “I gather inspiration from all things around me and every city that I’ve been to has inspired me in some way or the other. Growing up in India, moving to Hong Kong and travelling across Europe where I have gotten some of my greatest ideas.”

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