Jaipur Jewellery Show(JJS) has become a cultural phenomenon and contributes in more than one way in running the city as the gem and jewellery hub of India. As a special feature, JJS has always promoted gemstones and jewellery as a theme; this year, the theme is inspired by gemstones. “ In the past we have promoted tanzanites, diamonds as the show is an important event with over 40000 visitors coming to the event. It has become the perfect platform for domestic and international jewellers. This year JJS has 800 booths and is spread over 200000 sq ft,” shares Vimal Chand Surana, Chairman.

“The JJS started with 67 booths and now we have crossed 800 in a span of 16 years, so that is the performance of JJS - with all your help. It has been a tradition at JJS that right from day 1, the chairman GJEPC has always been guest of honour. From last 2 years GJC chairman always comes to the show. We have 500 top retailers coming to the show; they see the show they make the purchases and every year this number is increasing. Our USP is that we have 72 per cent designer booths now. We have also added a satellite channel so that 60 million people can watch JJS. Initially we used to promote Jaipur jewellery - now we promote all India jewellery,” says Rajiv Jain.

Anantha Padmanabhan, Chairman, GJC shared, “Jaipur has always been fascinating. It’s been a dream to come and buy gemstones from Jaipur ever since I joined the business. Even at shows, I make sure I stop at a Jaipur stall because I know their craftsmanship will be good. As an industry, we should work together in solidarity to represent its concerns and not individually. We need to push for the the duty to come down 6 per cent from 12 per cent."

"I am really happy to see that this show is growing. Jaipur is the place where a lot of value added products are manufactured. This show which has grown from 65 to 800 odd booths will touch 2000 booths. Whoever comes to Jaipur gets very inspired. Council is working very hard to grow the coloured gemstone industry. Council as well as Jewellers Association has signed an MOU for a Gem Bourse. The state government is also working towards this. We have to touch $ 75 billion and create 2 million jobs. We have been setting CFCs with the help of Ministry of Commerce and Industry. There largest laboratory in the government is coming up in Sitapura in Jaipur," commented Pramod Agrawal, Chairman, GJEPC 

CV Venkatraman, CEO Titan shared, “Jaipur is very special to Titan. We have a very active base of partners here and some of the exquisite pieces we have come from here - like the Padmavati collection. The beauty that comes from here and I’ve seen how the jewellery has been made and it’s something very exquisite. The whole world owes a lot to the artisans of Jaipur. Titan was described as a customer centric company but we are in a challenging time.

Experiences, products have exploded. We are no longer fighting within the category. A Rs 10000 watch is fighting with Rs 1200 AirPod. A 2 lakh necklace is fighting with a holiday in Bangkok. That is a huge challenge that every category is facing. How does a necklace fight a trip to Bangkok? It’s very difficult. How much is the jewellery industry in touch with the women it is catering to? Are we too worried about the supply part of it? Are we understanding how she’s evolving - how is the whole marriage situation is changing. Can we create jewellery that she can wear at her wedding but also with a knitted top? How can we contemporize jewellery that women want to wear all the time? We need to think long and hard about this.”

Some highlights of the show are:

- 800 booths spread across 200000 sq ft

- 500 top retailers from across India are expected to visit the show

- 72 per cent of the booths present at the show are designer booths

- For the first time, the show will be relayed through satellite to 60 million people where buying and selling can happen through satellite as well.

- Council and Jaipur Jewellers Association has signed an MOU for a Gem Bourse. The state government is also working towards this.

- The largest laboratory in the government is coming up in Sitapura in Jaipur.