The Covid -19 pandemic is continuing to have an adverse effect with the number of cases rising exponentially everyday even during lockdown period. 

As you are aware, Maharashtra being the state with the highest cases and definitely Mumbai is the bedrock with the maximum cases of Covid 19. The pandemic has brought all industries to a standstill and has stifled all normal activities. 

You are also aware that the period of lockdown has now been extended till May 31st 2020. Mumbai is in fact a red zone and has various containment areas and buildings within it. On May 19, 2020, India saw an increase of over 6000 cases in 24 hours and has been the highest in a single day. 

Even after the lockdown will be lifted, considering the behaviour of the virus, we anticipate that the Government may issue strict guidelines on safety and social distancing for the coming months, particularly for expositions and exhibitions. 

In fact, the same was also suggested by the Finance Minister while she was announcing the stimulus package dated 13th May 2020. 

India Gem & Jewellery Show (“GJS”), scheduled from 25th to 29th June, 2020 has been conceptualised by the All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (“GJC”) to provide a conducive business environment to the Gem & Jewellery Industry and also to create a business platform and opportunity for all. 

Our journey, which commenced from October 2019, had been shaping up very well with prospects of becoming the industry’s most significant domestic Gems & Jewellery show. The support and guidance we received from the Industry and all our valued participant was commendable and deeply appreciated. 

In view of this critical circumstances, we find ourselves in a crisis, where the ongoing situation have completely paralyzed our planning and co- ordination activities for GJS. The association has been compelled to forsake all our activities concerning GJS leading up to the event scheduled in June 2020. This has therefore resulted in a dead end and it has now become impossible to organise and execute a successful exhibition. 

Given that:

  • (i)    the present circumstances are beyond our control
  • (ii)    the pandemic has created uncertainty for the coming months and 
  • (iii)    that NESCO (Bombay Exhibition Centre) is been used as quarantine zone and will take weeks to make it available for exhibitions again. we are compelled to cancel the June edition of the Show and are looking to reschedule the event. 

As a responsible Domestic Council, they are exploring all options and the industry’s interest will is their top priority.