Tara Jewellers launches new Victorian jewellery collection

The collection includes rings, ear rings and bracelets...
: IJ News Service
31 August 2011 11:17 AM
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Tara Jewellers’ new statement designs inspired from the Victorian era. These exquisitely crafted pieces highlights the luminescence of diamonds and other precious colored gemstones in its majestic bond with the undying radiance of the precious metal.

The artistic look of the 19th century unites together with a flamboyant modern sensibility that exudes romanticism, elegance and supreme craftsmanship. Whether it is a glittering uncut polki diamond bracelet with a blood red ruby in the center, or a floral motif ring featuring uncut gems in a traditional Indian setting or even a more contemporary “art-deco” inspired design with uncut stones, these pieces are extremely beautiful.

These exclusive dazzling rings, earrings and bracelets, available at attractive prices, are perfect for the special occasions to add a touch of splendor to the upcoming festive and wedding seasons.

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