Every day, we see examples of strong and powerful women who are slowly but surely changing the world by breaking glass ceilings, unshackling themselves from stereotypes and challenging gender norms. Parents indeed play a pivotal role when it comes to the core values & beliefs that are instilled in their children, especially their daughters from a young age.

Fathers themselves have been brought up in a world dominated by patriarchy, and thus it takes a special kind of superpower for fathers to stand up against society’s prejudices and stand with their daughters through every choice they make. A father is a daughter’s first role model and superhero. Through all of life’s challenges, a father is the pillar of support who builds his daughter’s self-esteem and encourages her to never give up on her dreams and goals.

Rare are those fathers who remind their daughters through every parenting choice, that their little girls are as worthy of happiness and success as their sons. A father who believes in his daughter and allows her the freedom to decide and choose what’s best for her especially during the time of his daughter’s wedding is truly rare.

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