IJ survey: 95 percent of Indian Showrooms may Open by June 15

Post lockdown, 48 per cent of G & J showrooms across India have opened for business

Post By : IJ News Service On 19 May 2020 8:55 PM

Jewellery showrooms, across the length and breadth of India are steadily springing back in action as lockdown norms ease. 

The IJ digital team had sent across questionnaires to all major gems and jewellery retailers to find out the status about their opening dates, schedules and other plans.

At least 48 per cent of store owners revealed that they have opened their stores and customers are walking in steadily. It was noticed that out of the ones which were closed, 50 per cent will open by 1st June, 15 per cent will open by 25th May, 15 per cent by 15th June and 5 per cent said they would resume operations by 1st July. 

In all, 95 per cent showrooms across India may open by 15th June. The ones which may not open are located in containment zones or malls. 

Showrooms across Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana have opened. Kerala have opened showrooms in size less than 5000 sqft. Hyderabad is opening from 20th May. Kanpur and Jaipur will open between 20-25th May.

Showrooms in other cities like Chennai, Nagpur, Indore, Agra and Meerut will open from 1st June. Whereas, those in Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata may take time to open -- they may not open before 15th June considering increasing number of cases and the fact that majority of areas are marked under red zone. Ahemdabad has opened on 19th May but on odd - even basis and few are keeping it close and are in caution situation.

Delhi is opening slowly, few may open in 3/4 days and rest may open only by 1st June.


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