AI finds its way to the bridal lounge of L Gopal and Sons

Guwahati-based L Gopal and Sons Jewellers has hopped on to the AI bandwagon, incorporating the tech into its retail function, discovers Suneeta Kaul

Post By : IJ News Service On 26 February 2024 1:28 PM

As jewellery retail evolves, newer and more refined practices are finding their way into the process, making the shopping journey of customers more special and memorable. Technology is being increasingly incorporated into the retail function, and jewellers are finding it worthwhile to invest in cutting-edge tech.

A case in point is Guwahati-based L Gopal and Sons Jewellers, which has redefined the bridal jewellery shopping experience by integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into its recently renovated Fancy Bazaar store. The jeweller now offers brides-to-be an innovative and convenient way to try on jewellery virtually, using an AI screen and camera. This tech-infused approach aims to enhance customer satisfaction, providing a seamless and personalized shopping journey.

AI and brides-to-be

Commenting on the decision to use AI in its store, Vikash Soni of L Gopal and Sons Jewellers says, The AI app, from MirrAR, makes trying on jewellery virtually very convenient. Customers do not have to physically try on various kinds of jewellery. The facility is particularly useful for brides-to-be, who need to get the look of their special day absolutely right. They can stand in front of an AI screen and camera, and try any jewellery virtually in our private bridal lounge. They can also create their own combinations by mixing and matching jewellery pieces to match their bridal attire.”

The AI app also enables customers to virtually try on jewellery that may not be in stock, but can be ordered later, should they like how it looks on them. “There is no end to the number of sets customers can try. Chokers, necklaces, chand balis – they can try anything and see what they look like on the screen in front of them,” explains Soni.

The facility has been a big hit with customers. “Our clients are very happy with the AI experience. Many of them have said that they could not visualize what a particular piece of jewellery would have looked like on them, but our AI app has enabled them to get the right picture. It has allowed customers to make purchases that suit them best,” Soni adds.

Fashion-conscious clientele

He goes on to say that young women in the region are very fashion-conscious, and are up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. “They have their lookbook ready,” Soni says, adding, “They know what they want. They are very modern in their outlook, and also follow celebrities. Their choices are often shaped by glamorous personalities and influencers. Accordingly, we make sure that we cater to their tastes and preferences.”

L Gopal has a long history of catering to the bridal segment -- its Fancy Bazaar store is more than 50 years old. The store has three floors dedicated to all kinds of jewellery – on the first floor, the store has silver artefacts and utensils, the second floor has gold and diamond jewellery, while the third floor offers special bridal jewellery. In fact, the floor comprises a fully-equipped bridal lounge, complete with a changing room (which enables the bride to change into various outfits, and try on matching jewellery with each) and make-up room, as well as seating arrangement for the entire family.

Interestingly, Soni says that getting the jewellery photographed in the best possible way has been the most difficult part of integrating AI into the retail function. “Photographs have been the biggest challenge, getting a good photographer has been tough. You need the jewellery to be photographed at the right angle. We have had to try many options. The background is very important, you can’t have any kind of a background, it has to be just right,” he says. Going forward, L Gopal intends to upgrade the app in such a way as to connect with customers right in their home. “All that will be needed is a WhatsApp call,” says Soni.

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