Unwrapping Diwali: Jewellery Retailers' Unique Gift Ideas

The jewellery industry is going all out to give different kinds of items as Diwali gifts – while mithai (sweets) is synonymous with Diwali, jewellers are making sure to give meaningful, non-perishable items to their valued clients and staff as gifts. In the process, they are nurturing their patrons and deepening their relationship with their associates, discovers Suneeta Kaul

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Diwali is one of the most widely-celebrated festivals of India; in fact, it is increasingly being celebrated in countries such as the US, UK, Australia, among other nations. Such is the appeal of the festival that it cuts across religious barriers, with non-Hindus, and even non-Indians participating in Diwali festivities. It is safe to say that the festival of lights, signifying the triumph of good over evil, and also marking the Hindu new year, has a universal appeal. 

An important aspect of Diwali is the exchange of gifts at the corporate level, and the jewellery sector is no exception. Jewellers take the opportunity to nurture their patrons and deepen their relations with their associates, vendors and staff with good gifts during this period. But what do jewellers give as gifts on Diwali?

Popular gifting choices of jewellers this year

The most popular choice of gift on Diwali, for long, has been mithai, with kilos of it exchanging hands during the festival. But most jewellers give durable gifts, along with the mandatory mithai. Says Pavan Mor of the eponymously-named Pavan Mor Jewellers, Hyderabad, “Ever since we stepped into retail in 2005, we have had a tradition of giving thoughtful gifts on Diwali. Actually, we are perennial gifters! We give gifts round the year on numerous occasions.”

Elaborating further, Mor says, “We have a process for giving Diwali gifts to our high-value patrons and clients with whom we have a close relationship. Around one week to 10 days before Dhanteras, our personnel deliver gifts to them at their residence, or office, whichever is suitable to them. Along with the gift, we send an invitation to visit our showroom. Whosoever visits our store during this festive time receives home-made savouries made and packed by us and placed in a basket as a gift, regardless of whether they buy anything or not. If they do buy, and if their billing size is above a certain range, then we give suitable gifts in different categories.

“The gifts range from household items to silver articles, and in some cases, gold coins. Other than our clients, we give Diwali gifts to our karigars and vendors, as well as some media personnel who support and encourage us, not only during the festive times, but through the year. One of our favourite gifting items is premium dates packed in a special box, which can be used for various purposes, once the dates are consumed. This way, we make sure that our gift is a memorable one. Some of our other gifting choices are household items, such as premium serving trays, crockery, glass sets, dinner sets, and so forth.”

Household items are a big hit with jewellers, with several jewellery retailers saying they find it one of the best gifts to give. Explains Satinder Jain, Jain Jewellers, Bathinda, “Home utility items are not only easy to gift, they also have immense use. People are happy to receive household items as gifts, so we make sure we give such items on Diwali. At Jain Jewellers, we have a long history of giving gifts to our high-end clients, as well as to our staff.

“This year is no exception; we will be giving gifts to our associates and top-end clients. Though all the gifts will not be household items, but yes, we will be gifting those as well. Of course, along with the gift, we also give sweets, as it is a tradition on Diwali to gift mithai. When it comes to mithai, we gift it to as many people as possible. Next year, we want to give silver items as Diwali gifts.”

Offbeat gifts that stand out

Some jewellers prefer to give offbeat items as gifts on Diwali. According to Shreyance Oswal, Rikhab Das Uday Chand Jewellers, Lucknow, “Diwali is the festival of gifts. I give gifts to clients and relatives and people who are dear to me. Diwali means mithai, and everyone gives it to everyone! So, we try to give something uncommon, something offbeat, something non-perishable, along with sweets. We put a lot of thought into the process, and make it a point to give a gift that stands out, that makes the receivers think of us, remember us whenever they see it.”

Lucky draws, gift coupons and contests are the preferred choice of Diwali gifts for some jewellery retailers. Says Shreyansh Kapoor, Kashi Jewellers, Kanpur, “Diwali is a busy time for us! We put a lot of thought into the process of giving meaningful Diwali gifts. We give a choice between instant gratification and the promise of a meaningful gift in the near future. We hold lucky draws, and whoever wins gets gifts such as home appliances and utility items, including toasters, sandwich-makers, irons, and so forth. Those who opt for instant gratification also get good gifts. But there is more engagement with those who opt for waiting to get their gift. There is an element of surprise, anticipation and expectation.

“We are also associated with the India Jewellery Shopping Festival (IJSF), which is a B2C initiative of GJC that aims to provide rewards to consumers on the purchase of jewellery, based on a threshold amount spent at a retail store. So, when someone shops at our store, they become eligible for various kinds of gifts. We have lucky draw coupons, and we also give instant gifts to our patrons. Next year, we plan to step up and offer a paid holiday as a Diwali gift.”

In the end, regardless of the kind of the gift, and its value, what remains of essence is the gesture of giving the gift. And jewellers recognize it as an important means to connect with their clientele.

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